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Weight Loss Gears That You Can DIY At Home

Losing weight is an achievement for almost everyone, especially to those who live by the saying “food is life”. Food is indeed life because who doesn’t enjoy food, right? Imagine having good food every day without any worries about getting fat or even if you’re on a doctors diet. The most important thing is to be healthy in any way you can. So others spent time and money in the gym where they can burn the fats off and make their body look impressively good and healthy at the same time. The more they spend time in busting all the extra pounds off their body, the more satisfying they feel and the more confident they get.

It’s a case to case basis. Some can’t afford to go to the gym, others don’t have time to go to the gym, while others, more or less have limited time to attend to any workout programs because their hands are tied with different personal and professional responsibilities. If you’re like one of them, you can’t be blamed. Because after a week of grinding, you definitely deserve a weekends rest and time with your family. On the other hand, you can still do your workout even when at home. How? Create your own gym tools.

Here’s how:

Tips on improvising your very own gym equipment

The first on the list is:

A Food Journal

  • So a food journal can also come in pricey, therefore why not improvise one, right? That way it won’t cause you anything. All you need is an old notebook with blank pages, and, of course, a pen that works and voila! You got yourself your very own food journal. You can be as creative as you want, but just don’t forget the following details:
  1. Date and time: of course, the purpose of a journal is for you to have a daily record of your food activity so the exact date and time of your meal should be indicated.
  2. Food classification: It is essential that you describe the food you’ve consumed and its nutritional info to provide you a record of every audible substance that enters your body. This is also a great way for you to find out what food works for your diet and what you have to ditch out.

Dumbbell or Weights

  • They are just two of the common tools that you see in the gym. So instead of purchasing an expensive dumbbell, you can just improvise one too. You will be needing a cement, 2 empty cans or empty bottles, and a metal handle for your DIY dumbbell.

The preparation process:

  1. Pour a cement inside the 2 empty cans or plastic bottles.
  2. Stick the metal handle in the middle of the cement mixture
  3. Let it dry. After that, you can already remove the can or the plastic bottle from your dumbbell project and you can go ahead and use it.

Pull-up Bar

  • This gym equipment is very effective to firm and form muscles in your arms and torso. Now, in order for you to have a homemade pull-up bar, just fit some pipes together and hang both ends of the contraption over a suitable bearing on your post or some durable cemented spot around your house and now have your own pull-up bar. It’s just genius to be DIYing your own workout toys, don’t you think?

Sand Bags

  • Sandbags are another awesome instrument to enhance your strength and endurance. To create your own sandbags all you need are some cheap, easy-to-grab materials, some trash bags, duct tape, and of course, the sand as a filler. With rope or zip ties, and a canvas laundry bag you can now have a sandbag that you can toss, swing or either slam anytime you like. It’s also a good means to release your anger or stress.

Medicine Balls

  • One way to improve someone’s muscle power, and performance is through the use of a medicine ball. To have one, all you have to prepare is an old basketball or volleyball coating, a drill, and some sand. Just mix them all together since you have a visual of what you are creating and start your exercise routine with your very own medicine ball.

There are more gym tools that you can create by just using materials that are basically around you. This time you no longer have any excuse why not to stay fit and do your workout routines even when you are at home. Together with your Medical weight loss programs Leesburg, sweating out once in a while can also speed up your weight loss process. You can even share these projects of yours with friends who would also like to have some gym tools available at home.

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