Can Your Furry Friend Help You Sleep Better?

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering and struggling just to get a great quality amount of sleep. After a day’s work, heading off to snooze vill is the best way to end the day. But it is not always that simple, especially for people who have a sleeping disorder. There are episodes where they needed more than just sleep services, sometimes they also need serious medication in order to get through the night. But if you are a dog lover and is dealing with some sleeping issues, guess this one is something that will interest you.

It’s Time To Share the Bed With Your Four-Legged Buddy

A recent study shows that if you allow your dog to cuddle up with you in bed it will actually make you calmer which will boost your sleeping mood. It was proven that having a dog with you in bed or just around your bedroom does not interrupt sleep, but it shows higher benefits if you actually sleep with your dog beside you.

Sometimes the feeling of having a pet beside you in bed gives you contentment which actually drives away the negative thoughts that disrupts your sleeping pattern. The moment that your mind and body get used to the habit of having your gentle buddy beside you during bedtime the more it will improve your sleeping habit too. It’s like a therapy for you that will help you to internally go back to your normal sleeping pattern.

Some Benefits To Convince You More

Pets are like family. Whether it’s a dog or a cat or any other animal that makes your heart melt or excited to be with them every single day then it means they are good for you and your family. That’s why there are therapy dogs and pets that is also improving other people’s well-being and lives in general. If they can do magic for others, so much more to you whom they loved unconditionally.

So here are some of the convincing reasons why you should allow them to sleep with you in bed.

  • Gives a Sense of Comfort – For some pet parents who keep or train their dogs to sleep with them in the same room or bed is the feeling of comfort they can only experience with their pets with them. Most owners actually testified that they get to have longer sleep with their pupper beside them. Still, a professional guidance is needed for those having sleeping problems just for the sake of having a great sleeping arrangement with your pet.
  • They Can Keep You Warm – Dogs are like natural comforters or like an electric blanket. Their body can stand any weather and their natural heat can easily be felt when you curl up with them in bed. The feeling of staying warm also promotes a sense of relaxation that is also a great contributor to sleep. Drifting off to dreamland is much faster once your body felt the warmth that is constantly coming from one area of your bed. Dogs can stay in one place longer than normal, which makes their position much warmer. But be cautious with smaller dogs and puppies because you might unintentionally squeeze them.

Let Them Help You

  • Keeps Your Blood Pressure Stable – There have been a lot of studies proving that petting a dog or a cat helps maintain blood pressure, especially those who are having anxiety or hypertension. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and other diseases. It is actually advisable to have pets inside the house to keep the moods of each member of the family balance. So just imagine if every pet owner will be able to have a stable blood pressure, then they will be living longer with a healthier lifestyle.
  • They Just Keep You Calm – By just looking at their cute innocent eyes, there’s already a part of you that chills down. They are like sending you a positive energy that can divert all of your negative feelings and thoughts until you totally forget about it. By just cuddling them as you watch TV already sets you up on a different, yet definitely a good mood. As for active pets, watching them do crazy tricks or just run loose and be naturally bubbly gives you an amusing feeling that will keep you calm and relaxed. You will just soon realize that you are slowly traveling to Slumberland.
  • Ward-Off Insomnia – If your insomnia condition is due to anxiety, stress or worry, then sleeping together with your dog is your best option until you slowly let go of your medications or until it leads you to a more alarming condition. For those who have testified how life-changing it was for them to invite their pets in bed, just gives them a soothing feeling hearing their pets’ silent purr or snores. That alone helps them doze off, which will surely work for you too.

Having a pet is a blessing no words can ever define. Not only do they give an unconditional love and loyalty, they can also cure illnesses and mental conditions. So if you have a sleeping problem but is a dog lover,  get in touch with an insomnia doctor specialist Germantown and ask them how your pet can change your life for the better.

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