Do’s And Don’ts Of Grease Trap Cleaning And Maintenance

Grease trap maintenance is important for the sake of the hygiene of your restaurant. Depending on where you live, you could be charged with a hefty fine if you don’t comply with restaurant grease trap cleaning and maintenance guidelines. Check out the dos and don’ts of grease trap maintenance.

The Dos

Clean the Grease Trap Regularly

It’s extremely important to clean the grease traps every 3 months. This will prevent grease from entering the sewer system. Most people wait for signs before scheduling an appointment for the cleanup. Don’t do that or you will have to shut your restaurant down all of a sudden.

Make Sure the Trap Is Installed Properly

Sometimes, the grease trap doesn’t collect grease as it should. Chances are it is not installed properly. Don’t check that yourself, call a drain cleaning professional.

Choose the Right Size

Grease traps are available in various sizes. It’s important that you pick the one that meets your needs. To determine the size, measure it by the gallons of water that flow out of your establishment each day. Also, measure the sink where the trap will be attached.

Call A Professional for Cleaning and Maintenance

Speaking of professionals, grease trap cleaning is something that no inexperienced individual can handle. Let the experts do this job. They will perform the job by complying with federal and state laws.

Get A Line Jetting Performed

Line jetting is a process of removing debris from the pipe walls. It’s also a preventative measure to keep your grease trap in top shape.

Ensure Proper Grease Disposal

It is important to know how the company you have hired disposes of the grease. They must follow the state and federal regulations for getting rid of the grease in an environmentally friendly way.

Educate Your Employees

As an employer, it is your responsibility to educate your employees about the procedures of the grease trap. They must know how it works and how to take care of it. They must also understand the dos and don’ts of the system because eventually, the liability falls upon you.

The Don’ts

Don’t Ignore Grease Trap Problems

If the grease trap is causing trouble, don’t wait for it to fix itself. Putting off the problem will only escalate things. You wouldn’t want to deal with a clogged trap during a busy day, right? Handle the problem professionally by calling the experts. Delaying the fix can also make you spend more money in the end.

Don’t Let Your Employees Clean the Grease Trap

As mentioned earlier, this is the job of a professional. Your employees could end up damaging the trap.

Don’t Use Solvents

You might be tempted to try DIY grease trap cleaning methods. Pouring chemicals into the trap in the attempts of cleaning it may not help. In fact, this could destroy the active enzymes that are responsible for breaking down the grease. This can be damaging for the grease trap itself.

Don’t Pour Boiling Water

You are not dealing with a home drain here. Therefore, it’s not recommended to pour boiling water into the grease trap. It liquefies the grease and makes it easier to escape the trap.

Don’t Connect the Trap to The Garbage Disposal

The grease trap should never be connected to the garbage disposal or you could run the risk of getting food items into the pipes. This trap is not designed for handling food.

Don’t Connect the Dishwater to The Trap

Like garbage disposal, don’t connect the grease trap to the dishwasher for pouring boiling water. You would simply make the grease easier to reach the sewer system.

Don’t Discard the Cleaning Records

Whenever a professional comes to your place to clean the grease trap, maintain a record. Also, mention the amount of grease removed, location and the method of disposal used. You must maintain a record of the condition of the grease trap and its parts. You never know when you would need this information when an inspector arrives to inspect the condition of your kitchen.

These dos and don’ts will make sure your grease trap runs efficiently. How often the grease trap needs to be serviced depends on the type of trap and the amount of grease that goes through it on a daily basis. Hire a credible grease trap cleaning service Manhattan to ensure you comply by the laws and keep the grease trap clean and unclogged.

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