Insomnia Chronicles: The Art of Staying Alert Even Without A Snooze

So a specialist from one of the insomnia clinics you’ve consulted had confirmed that you have insomnia. You are a certified member of the many all-nighters all over the globe. And although you are given medications and instructions on how to deal with your sleep disorder condition, it cannot just happen overnight. But the dilemma is this, you need to stay focused and alert the next day because you have a report to finish and it does not matter whether you have not hit the sack yet. You’re an adult and you’ve got a lot of things on your plate, a handful of goals on your list and having great sleep is one of those.

Don’t Let Those Eyes Shut Down Now

Lack of decent, quality sleep will leave you tired, exhausted, forgetful, and unfocused. But being more than just a nocturnal being, you’re aware of the many occasions that you’ve done and thought of a lot of things during the night and just finished a Netflix series an hour before you go to work, you just promised yourself that you will grab a minute during breaks to ‘rest your eyes’.

You’ve been up all night and now, you have to stay awake and keep up with everything around you – productively. A huge imposition in your part like it’s going to drown you, but there are important things which require your attention too. Don’t worry, you’ll get your quality time with your bed in just a few hours so just deal with it for now.

Here are some tips on how to survive a day without any sleep.

  • Of course, Coffee.

Non-caffeine drinkers may not understand, but definitely, that cup of hot Jo will always be your main weapon to stay awake. The rule to get the benefits of coffee and its purpose is by NOT chugging it. Do not treat it like a regular beverage you used to grab in the vendo machine. Although it will give you a caffeine rush, it is not the kind of ‘rush’ that you need to stay for a few more hours. You will just find yourself shutting your eyes down on your table or falling asleep in the toilet for a few minutes. It also explains why you keep on pushing that conference door when you should be pulling it to open.

Don’t let that happen to you. In order to set your brain up to function properly for just a few more stretches is by taking a minimum, yet tasteful sip of that caffeine every time you’re imbibing it. You just need a quality stream of coffee in your system to be able to gird your loins for about 3 to 4 hours more.

  • Meet up with Mr. Sun.

Notice why you suddenly wake up when sunlight hits you every time you failed to pull your curtains? It’s because the sun signals your body to be awake. Your insomnia doctor may have strictly advised to you never watch TV a few hours before your bedtime or avoid falling asleep while in front of your computer or laptop because the light emitted by the screen will interrupt your sleep. It’s time to turn the table, make that light you’ve been avoiding work for you even just once.

Go take a walk outside for just a few minutes or just take a breather at your office’ rooftop while the sun is still up and you’ll end up more attentive than you were a few minutes ago. So if you wanted to absorb nature’s energy, spend a few minutes outdoors.

  • Move Around.

Being an insomniac is such a burden, especially if you happen to be a career-obsessed person. It keeps you sleepless in the evening and turns you into a vampire in the morning because you are too groggy to stay awake. The key to staying alert is to move around. Keep your body active for your brain to stay alert too. Walk back and forth from your area to the printing room or visit your favorite officemate at the third floor using the stairs every now and then. Try jogging in place or do a few stretches while inside your office. Just keep your body moving and the odds will be in your favor.


Alright! A few tips to keep you up after being sleepless – again. You have to survive your day because insomniac persons like you need to work too. The sleep disorder clinics Maryland will be able to help and guide you on how you can get through this abnormal sleeping condition. Remember these are just your survival kit while you’re dealing with insomnia. The main goal is to get your sleeping pattern back so you’ll be back on your normal self again.

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