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Tips To Successfully Pull An All-Nighter

If you’re one of the many who visits some of the well-known insomnia doctors around your area, you are definitely dealing with the hardships of hitting the sack regularly and flawlessly. While there are some who needs to stay up and pull an all-nighter due to a lot of reasons on certain occasions. It could be because you need to finish a school project, or is wrapping up a proposal to present to your boss the next day, or you just simply wanted to binge-watch a Netflix series from season 1. For whatever reason it may be, pulling an all-nighter is not that easy, especially to those who are not used to staying past their bedtime.  While it takes a little practice to pull it off quite effectively and safely.

The Art Of How To Be An All-Nighter

Everyone knows that procrastination is never a good move, however, it has to happen due to some unexpected instances or simply because you don’t have a choice. If you are caught up needing to pull an all-nighter to attend to a very important matter or business, here are some effective tips to pull an all-nighter like a functional and responsible adult.

The Preparation

Technically, you have to acquire a complete rest the night before you plan to stay up late. If you’re a night owl or is a nocturnal being you don’t need any preparation because you’re likely to be more energized while the rest of the world sleeps.

  • Establish a goal and a plan of action.

For someone who is a newbie in pulling an all-nighter will find this task really hard and the body will find it hard to adjust as well. So, if this is a one-time thing, make sure that this time you will not procrastinate. Make it clear to yourself that whatever it is that you need to finish tonight, has to be done tonight.

Establish an action plan for the night and the list of things that you need to settle just so you know your progress and what still needs to be done.

  • The caffeine power nap.

It’s a no-brainer that caffeine boosts attentiveness and you won’t mind drinking more cups of coffee till the sun knocks on your window, but remember this, too much consumption may just backfire and you won’t like that. Instead, use the power of caffeine wisely by taking a power nap before starting your all-nighter.

How To Master The Caffeine Nap:

  • Take a short nap before your regular sleeping time.
  • Drink a cup of your favorite Jo before you nap.
  • Dim all the room lights and keep a cool atmosphere, but do this during nap time only.
  • Set your alarm for 15 to 30 minutes only – NO EXTENSIONS!
  • Wake up and start moving around to awake your senses too, then proceed to your to-do list and get started.

The truth is, it is much better to drink caffeine when you feel tired before starting an all-nighter. This will make you take coffee naps before your bedtime, halfway through the night, and lastly, in the morning. It means that you’ll be able to balance your caffeine naps.

A healthy adult body can consume around 400 mg of coffee per day. Since you are an adult and you know how sensitive your body is to coffee, you are responsible for limiting yourself to drink more than what your body can handle. Because for some, excessive intake can lead to anxiety and palpitation.

An Idea of what a 400 mg of COFFEE is:

  • 5 shots of espresso
  • 8 to 12 cans of a 12oz soda
  • 16 to 32 ounces of coffee
  • Ditch unnecessary distractions.

When you’re an all-nighter, bear in mind that your time is LIMITED and truly VALUABLE, therefore, sneaking some YouTube and social media threads will just take most of your precious time. Practice self-control and focus if you wanted your all-nighter experience to be all worth it.

  • Keep a bright and warm room.

Your body temperature automatically drops, especially if it feels like you are close to your bedtime. Therefore, a dim and cool room ambiance will just make you more drowsy.

But since you are staying up all night, set aside all your bedtime regimen. Start by keeping your room warm. Turn all your lights on and your laptop or computer screen at full brightness and a bright lamp by your workstation. This will keep you alert and your senses active.

  • Be smart in snacking.

If you need to stay awake, munch in small, but frequent snacks rather than eating a full meal. This will keep your metabolism working and your blood sugar controlled. Avoid eating carbs like bread or rice because they can influence drowsiness into your system.

It’s best to opt for an all-nighter protein-rich goodies such as tuna, cheese, chicken, nuts, and protein shakes. Fresh fruits and veggies are also a great option.

  • Pump up some energizing tunes.

Listen to upbeat music that has a fast tempo and hype lyrics. Although, classical music is good for study and is a memory booster, however, it can also invite you to doze off and will just put your all-nighter plan to waste. Fast and happy music are still the best choice for an all-nighter playlist.

So if you badly need to stay up, try these tips to pull off a successful – one time – night owl lifestyle. But for those dealing with sleeping disorders and needs to stay up, check with the insomnia clinics Rockville and seek professional and medical advice regarding your condition.

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