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Understanding Drain Pipe Inspection With Camera

Years ago, finding the exact location where the drain lines had problems was a matter of guesswork. With the coming of drain pipe inspection with camera, this is no longer the case.

What is drain pipe camera inspection?

This is a process where you hire a sewer cleaning company or any other professional to run a video line through the drain pipes. You can hire the professional for different reasons. In most cases, homeowners hire the inspection professionals when they are having problems with their sewer lines.

For example, they will hire the professionals when the sewer lines are clogged and they can’t unclog them using the traditional methods such as plunging, augering, and liquid drain cleaners.

Other than these reasons, you can also hire an inspection professional when you are looking to add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Since you will need more water in your pipes when you add another bathroom or enlarge it, you need to inspect the lines to ensure that they can handle the increased needs.

For you to get the most from the inspection professionals, you should hire the most reputable ones that will come with high quality and properly maintained cameras.

Can you inspect the lines by yourself?

Yes, you can do it, but you won’t do a good job. It also will be too expensive on your side as you will have to purchase the camera. A good quality camera similar to that owned by sewer line repair professionals cost upwards of $15,000.

Due to the high costs of the cameras, most homeowners end up buying cheaper cameras that are often too short to get deep into the sewer lines. The scopes on the cameras also aren’t auto-focusing or self-righting leading to inaccurate results.

For you to get ideal results, you should hire a drain company with the right cameras. The cameras owned by the companies have powerful rights that are self-righting, have high-resolution, and recording capabilities.

The cameras also have transmitters at the end that help the technicians locate the block points.

Some people have the notion that they can hire the inspection cameras from the local plumbing companies and go ahead and do the work. While this is a great option, you should note that you will end up paying a lot of money for the cameras than you will have spent to hire a company.

Do you want to save money and time? Hire a drain company to do the work. The company will also save you from the dirt and bother that comes with sewer line inspection.

What will you see in the video?

Since the camera runs in your sewer line, you should expect to see everything that is in your drain pipe at the time of inspection. You should expect to see the inside structure of the drain pipe. If there are cracks or clogs, you will also see them.

While the quality of the camera is high, you shouldn’t expect a Hollywood movie. Obviously, the picture will be jerky as you will have to push the scope down the sewer line manually. When you see a problematic area, you should stop the camera and sturdy the area more.

You should note that if this is the first time that you are doing the inspection, you might see things that might be confusing. For example, you might see a line and think that you are having a crack in your sewer lines. For you to be sure, it’s wise that you enquire from a professional who will help you in making the interpretation.

How much should you expect to pay for the inspection?

Sewer line inspections cost between $99 and $300. Some companies charge cheaper than this but they tend to have low-quality cameras that give low-quality images. This means that it’s rare that you will be able to properly identify any issues that your lines might be having.

When you opt to rent the camera from the rental companies, the companies will rent you for at least $200 per day. While it will be a little bit cheaper than what most high-end sewer cleaning companies Bergen charge, your rental time will be eaten by the learning time.

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