What Should You Look for a Drain Contractor?

Whenever you are planning to install a drainage system, it’s essential to be thorough on your plans. This is why it’s always best to look for a drain cleaning contractor. There are some basic design steps that will give you an idea on how to hire one.

An effective drainage solution basically has 3 functions and these include discharge, conduction, and collection. There are 2 kinds of drainage systems and these are surface and subsurface solutions. The unique needs of your property will determine if which one is best to use. If your drainage issue is characterized by pools or standing water, then the most ideal solution is the surface system. This issue happens when the rate of precipitation is greater than the rate of soil absorption. If the concern is depressions and soaked ground, your solution involves subsurface systems. Typically, it’s caused by the water table that’s being higher that it’s supposed to be.

Good Drain Contractors Will Analyze the Property First

When it comes to drainage design, the first step involves analyzing the property. Things that must be noted are:

  • Discharge options. Many contractors would begin at the discharge point and work to the house.
  • The absorption rate of the soil of the property.
  • The grade and elevation of the property.
  • The property’s total surface area and its surrounding properties from where the run-off is collecting.

Good Drain Contractors Start System Planning After Analysis

Once proper analysis is already conducted, you may start planning the drainage system. Based on the land’s total area affecting the wet spot, your area’s average rainfall per hour, and run-off’s coefficient, you can distinguish proper pipe, catch basin sizes, and grate for your property. The best designs will only use what’s necessary and effectively move water to discharge locations.

Good Drain Contractors Are Knowledgeable of Determining Discharge Location

In the design process, the final step involves knowing the discharge location. This decision has to take into account pollution prevention and water conservation. Numerous options are available including water harvesting, rain beds, flo-wells, and pop-up emitters. Based on the need and yield of the property, you may design a system that collects run off effectively and re-routes water efficiently.

If you already a drainage system, regular drain cleaning service white plains ny is important and can help you ensure that your system does its job efficiently.

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