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Deep Fryer Repair: Tips On How To Maintain Your Deep Fryer

Unless you only serve coffee, you most likely have a deep fryer in your restaurant. You use the appliance to cook a wide range of foods such as chicken wings, doughnuts, onion rings, potato chips, and many others.

Your business would grind to a halt in the event the appliance broke down. To prevent this from happening you should properly maintain your unit. Here are some of the deep fryer maintenance tips as given by deep fryer repair professionals:

Regularly clean the deep fryer

The deep fryer is always in contact with grease and grime that is unsightly to look at when you let it accumulate for a long time. The grime can also reduce the effectiveness of the appliance. To prevent this, you should regularly clean the deep fryer.

The frequency at which you clean the unit depends on how frequently you use it and what you use it for. You should note that the more regularly you clean the appliance, the easier it is to get rid of the grime.

When cleaning the deep fryer, use the right materials to clean it. For example, if you have a small unit, use a sponge to clean it, but if you have a large, commercial fryer, use a brush with soft bristles to scrub it.

Do you fry fish and meat? You need to filter the oil regularly. If your restaurant is busy, you should filter the oil once or twice a day. You can use a coffee filter or cheesecloth for filtration but if you have a busy restaurant, use a specialized machine for the work.

Signs it’s time to replace the oil include: oil growing darker in color, giving a strong smell, and smoking at lower temperatures.

Do you want your oil to last for a long time before you can replace it? Keep it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or below. You also should avoid adding salt directly to it.

After filtering the oil, you shouldn’t simply add the new oil. Before adding it back you should use a long-handled fryer scrubbing brush to remove any food pieces that might be on the coils.

The purpose of doing this is to increase the effectiveness of the heating element. The practice also limits the amount of burned food particles in the oil.

When cleaning the deep fryer, you shouldn’t only pay attention to the interior. Also, pay attention to the exterior.

By cleaning the exterior of the appliance you prevent the deep fryer from collecting grime. Cleaning the exterior also limits spillovers that make floors and work surfaces slippery.

For you to keep the appliance in good condition you should wipe it clean at the end of every workday. If a grease film has build-up, apply a degreasing product on it to make it easy for you to remove it.

Undertake regular deep fryer Inspections

In addition to regularly cleaning the appliance, you also should undertake regular inspections. The best way of going about it is by hiring a deep fryer expert once a year to inspect the unit. During the inspection the professional should:

  • Ensure that no excessive oil has built-up or migrated on the interior or exterior cabinet
  • Ensure that all burners, ignitors, pilot lights, and gas lines are properly connected and functioning optimally.
  • Verify that the thermostat is properly set and the high-limit switches are properly tightened, connected, and functioning properly.
  • Confirm that there are no pipe leaks and all connections are properly tightened
  • Verify that all the safety features (reset switches, drain safety switches, and others) are present and functioning optimally.
  • Confirm that the fryer tank is in good condition and free of leaks. The expert should also ensure that the appliance insulation is in good condition and you can easily service it.

Repair the deep fryer

Even with the best care, it’s common for the deep fryer to develop problems. For example, it can fail to heat the oil. When this happens, you should hire a commercial appliances repair Fairfax as soon as possible to inspect the unit and fix any issues that might be there.

When hiring the expert, ensure that he/she is reputable and experienced enough. Avoid a cheap service provider as he/she will give you substandard services.

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