Heat Pump Repair: How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

Do you own a heat pump? You need to take good care of it, for it to not only give you the service that you are looking for, but also last for a long time. To help you out, here are tips given by heat pump repair professionals on how to maintain the units:

Understand how the heat pump works

This is the first thing that you should do as there is no way that you can maintain the unit without knowing how it works. Unlike other heating units you might be having in your home, the heat pumps work by moving heat instead of generating it.

When the inside of your house is cold, the unit pump extracts heat from the outside and transfers it inside the house. While the units are highly energy efficient, they often don’t work when the outside air falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Understand the heat pump thermostat setting

In addition to understanding how the heat pump works, you also need to take time to understand the thermostat settings of your unit. Most heat pumps have three settings: heat, cool, and emergency heat. When you are looking to heat your home, you need to switch it to heat.

You should avoid using the emergency heat as this feature is designed for you to use when the heat pump has broken down or covered in ice.

Undertake regular tune-ups

Even if your heat pump doesn’t show any signs of trouble, you should still hire a heat pump repair service provider to inspect the unit and issues that might be there. The professional should take a look inside and outside the unit and if there are any faulty areas, fix them immediately.

Replace the air filters

Since the unit heavily relies on moving air, the air filters are of great importance. Since they are exposed to dust, it’s common for them to clog up with dust and other debris. For your unit to continue functioning optimally, you should replace the air filters at least once a month. If they aren’t too dirty, you should simply clean them.

The cool thing with replacing the air filters is that you don’t have to hire heating contractors to help you out—you can do it by yourself.


These are some of the ways in which you can take good care of your heat pump. For you to have an easy time maintaining your unit, work with reputable heat pump service providers.

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