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The importance of cleaning chimneys

Fireplaces, wood stoves and other heating appliances are the main source of heat for millions of people during winter. However, a lot of people do not realize how important it is to clean their chimneys or get them cleaned after using the fireplace. Unfortunately, there are many downsides of not getting a chimney inspection on time.

Not cleaning their chimneys periodically makes people experience a lot of property damage and injuries which causes them a lot of money. Many times, unclean chimneys can result in a fire causing serious damage to the property and sometimes even to the people.

Clogged chimneys can cause various accidents which includes catching fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and improper ventilation and heating. Cleaning the chimneys not only saves people the money from unnecessary damages and replacing the chimney altogether but it also keeps them and their property safe from any damage.

Why is cleaning chimney so important?

The following points help explain in detail why cleaning the chimney is so important.

To keep your property and your family safe from any damage

This is one of the main reasons why chimneys should be properly looked after. Think about it, is there anything more important than keeping your family and your home safe? All the smoke, fumes and toxins escape through the chimneys. Therefore, your chimneys need to be clean enough to allow proper ventilation and efficient heating. Every time a fireplace is used, some of the soot sticks to the inside of the chimneys.

Without proper cleaning, the soot gets too thick and the heat from the fireplaces can cause a spark in the chimneys which in return causes them to catch fire. This fire can then spread throughout the house causing immense damage to the property and sometimes even to the people. Clogged chimneys often catch fire and a lot of fire accidents involve improperly clean chimneys according to studies.

For more efficient heating system

When the soot sticking inside the chimneys thickens, not only does it have more chances of catching fire, but it also reduces proper ventilation. Cool air circulated less than causes a decrease in energy efficiency, causing you to burn more wood to produce enough heat for the winter. Moreover, birds and insects along with the soot can clog the chimney, not making enough room for toxic fumes to escape. This disturbs the ventilation system to a great extent.

This also increases the risk of carbon monoxide staying the house causing the residents to die. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very common and is a direct result of clogged up chimneys. A properly cleaned chimney, preferably by a professional, will ensure that your house is efficiently warmed up while at the same time making enough room for toxic fumes to escape to avoid unnecessary damage and accidents.

It will save you a lot of money from damages and chimney repairs

While keeping your family safe should be enough to convince you to clean your chimneys properly and periodically, cleaning them does have other benefits. One of those benefits is that it will save you the money that you would have had to spend on covering the damage or on chimney repairs. When the soot and creosote sticking to the chimneys gets thicker, it becomes harder and harder to get rid off them with just chimney cleaning.

Bonus tip

Sometimes it gets too late and you are required to get chimney repair Bowie because cleaning it is no more an option. Even if you do not want to replace chimney, cleaning thicker soot can definitely result in a more expensive chimney cleaning. Preferably chimneys should be cleaned twice every year for them to work properly and avoid any damage.

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