How to take care of straight hair?

It is often very easy to maintain straight hair. However, you need to keep a number of techniques in your mind if you want your straight hair to look the best. While some people have naturally straight hair, others get their hair chemically straightened through effective techniques such as Japanese hair straightening. Regardless of the type of straight hair you have, you will still have to take proper care for thickness and volume.

Some tips to take care of straight hair

In this article, we present a number of ways in which you can take care of your straight hair. These include:

Using shampoo and conditioners

In case you have medium to thick hair, consider using a conditioner or a shampoo at least two times a week. In case your hair has been treated with hair color, consider using a hydrating shampoo or a specialized shampoo as recommended by a specialist.

One of the biggest drawbacks of naturally straight hair is that they tend to become oily very quickly. This is because the oil from the scalp travels through the hair down very quickly. As a result of this, the hair gives off a very greasy look. For straight hair with less volume, use volumizing shampoos for the best look.

Styling hair that is naturally straight

In order to keep your straight hair in good shape, get them trimmed after every four to six weeks in order to remove the split ends. This is because you are more likely to have split ends if you have straight hair. As a result of this, the ends of the hair look dried out, dull, and frayed.

Some techniques that can prevent split ends include lessening the frequency of brushing, combing, and blow-drying. In case you can use scissors well on your own, you may be able to trim your split ends yourself and save a trip to the salon.

For people with naturally straight hair, a bob cut or a layered haircut is the best for volume. This is because straight hair often looks like it lacks enough volume. Moreover, if you blow-dry your hair in an upside-down direction, your naturally straight hair will reflect a greater volume.

Taking care of chemically straightened hair

In case you have chemically straightened hair, you will have to take a number of extra precautions.

Avoid hot water and dry heat

Chemically straightened hair are usually very susceptible to dry out. Hence, avoid using flat irons and blow-dryers too often. Moreover, do not wash your hair with hot water. Instead, make use of some lukewarm water.

Many people with chemically straightened hair use heat-protectant sprays before going for a blow-dry. It prevents the hair from getting dried out.

Use a wide-tooth comb

Before brushing your hair, use a wide-tooth comb in order to prevent your hair from breaking. Furthermore, this can also prevent the formation of split-ends. Using a wide-tooth comb is a great way to remove tangles in the hair safely before you start brushing.

In this regard, start by detangling your hair from the bottom, and slowly go up to the roots. After your hair area detangled, you are free to use a brush. For chemically straightened hair, a wide paddle brush works the best.

Use specialized hair products

Chemically straightened hair usually require specialized hair products. These include different deep conditioners, conditioners, and moisturizing shampoos. Moreover, you will also have to follow a strict routine when using these products. This will allow you to retain the texture of your hair for a longer period of time. In case you want more information regarding specialized hair products, consider visiting any of the hair straightening salons Potomac.

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