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Ways To Make Your Hallway Look Bigger

Among the many parts of the house, you seem to pay less attention to your hallway which is one of the most important functional spots. Even in the condo remodeling scenario, many homeowners seem to underestimate the aesthetic element of this space. Try to spend more time in your hallway and decorate it well, you will soon discover how rich and welcoming your home become. Because an organized hallway can level up the style and character of your entire house. Just picture this, a messy and deranged hallway can already give a negative impression to your guests and will not compliment the total look and appearance of the rest of your home décor no matter how fashionable they may seem.

But what if you have a small hallway? Regardless! For as long as you can style and design it well, no space can ever look small again. Because of that presented below are some of the tips and tricks that you can try to make your hallway look bigger.


  • Incorporate Light Shades.

Mellow colors always find its way to compliment anything. One way of giving your hallway a spacious and bright impression, use lighter hues. Painting your hallway with white or any neutral colors is your first step. You will never ever go wrong with just a plain white or lighter color in your hallway wall.

  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.

Make your hallway the fairest of them all by adding mirrors of different shapes and sizes. They are very much helpful in bringing out the hidden attitude of your hallway while blending well with the rest of your home ornaments. Mirrors are also experts in complimenting tight and small spaces. In fact, by using your creativity, mirrors can even be your main décor subject not just in your hallway but in other parts of your home.

  • Choose Unvarying Embellishments.

For a wider and warmer hallway, it is best to choose the same trim for your walls and floor. This technique will immediately transform your hallway space into a cozier area with a wider façade. You will not even notice how narrow it is because of the uniformity of the entire design.

  • Let There Be Light!

The lights are the best decorative tool that was ever created. With the tons of tricks that it can do lighting up your room is just one of them because they are capable of adding style, glamour, personality, and character to every piece of interior and furniture that you have in your abode. Installing lights in your hallways can instantly beautify your floor and ceiling, eliminating the former dark and gloomy atmosphere. Remember that creating more brightness can showcase the style and design of your home even more. You can either use small wall lights or line-up stand-alone candle lamps on your hallway floor.

  • Add Windows.

If you are planning to renovate your home, add windows in your hallway. It does not matter where you install them for as long as they can bring more brightness into your hallway to make it look spacious and much bigger.

  • Make Us Of Carpets Or Rugs.

If you have a dark flooring in your hallway and there is no way you can change it or if you prefer it that way, what you can do to make any space look bigger is by using a carpet or a runner. Keep the color neutral to give your hallway a bigger and warmer impression.

  • Create A Focal Point In Your Hallway.

You can make your hallway stand out by adding artworks, photo frames, pics, and other artistic decorative pieces that can enrich the style and the decoration of your hallway space. These elements can attract your guests and they will be fixated on them rather than in the dimension of your hallway.

  • Stripes Are In.

For a paint job, you can have your hallway painted or decorated with horizontal stripes wallpaper. It can greatly create an optical illusion that can make your hallway look wider and longer.

  • Keep It Neat And Clear.

The best way of keeping your hallway look pleasantly bigger is by maintaining its cleanliness and orderliness at all times. Since it is always the first spot to greet your visitors, having a neat hallway can instantly give them the impression of how clean the people in your household are.

  • The Less Furniture, The Better.

Avoid adding too many furnitures in your small hallway and only put those that are really necessary, like a small coffee table or a few shelves.

Hallway remodeling and redecorating both has one objective – it is to make the space bigger. The home remodeling architects DC can always help you with tricks on how you can set a tone in creating a longer and wider hallway. Do not underestimate your hallway’s role in the house because remember that it is the first spot that your guests will see and that alone can already speak on behalf of the entire household.

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