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Chimney Inspection: Areas To Pay Attention To

For you to have peace of mind that your chimney is in good condition you should undertake regular chimney inspection. You can do the inspection by yourself or hire a professional to help you out. When you are doing the inspection you need to pay attention to specific areas of the chimney that include:

Chimney cap

This is the chimney covering. You should check whether the chimney is intact. You should note that if your cap is missing or cracked, it could allow moisture, small animals, and other debris inside your chimney. As you might have guessed, this would result in the blockage of the unit thus fumes and smoke won’t leave.

This not only puts the unit at the risk of catching fire, it also puts you and your family at the risk of inhaling the harmful gases.

If you find any cracks in the unit, you should fix it as soon as possible. If it’s not present, install a new one.

Chimney flashing

The chimney flashing is a thin metal strip that secures the chimney to the roof line. Due to regular use, the flashing can bend, warp, or even become loose thus allowing water and moisture inside the chimney.

Water in the chimney puts it at the risk of leaking and even getting damaged. For you to be on the safe side, you should fix the flashing regardless of the amount of damage that it’s there.

Bricks and mortar

If you have an old chimney, chances are that the bricks are loose. When the pieces are loose, they allow water into the unit putting it at the risk of coming apart. The water also puts your chimney at the risk of growing mould.

You should carefully go around your chimney and take a look at every brick. If it has broken or it’s on the verge of coming apart, you should fix it. You should try fixing it by yourself if you have the skills, but if you have never done it before, let a reputable masonry contractor do the work.


These are some of the areas you should pay attention to when inspecting your chimney. If you notice an issue with your chimney, you should try fixing it by yourself if you have the skills but if you have never fixed the unit before, let an experienced chimney repair professional do the work.

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