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HVAC Contractors: 5 Top Reasons For Furnace Problems

HVAC contractors report that most of the furnace problems can be prevented. If you have to constantly hire a furnace repair professional to repair your appliance, you must be doing something wrong with your unit. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong:

You operate the furnace with clogged filters

All furnaces have air filters. While the units appear to be simple and of minimal value to the furnace, they are critical. The air filters control the quality of air that gets into the furnace.

Due to their work and position, it’s common for them to collect dust and dirt. When the filters are dirty, they make the furnace work harder than it should. In some cases, the dust gets to the blower motor which can overheat, causing the fuse to burn out and even catch fire.

For you to keep your furnace in top working condition hence eliminating the need of keeping on hiring the repair professionals, you should clean the air filters at least once a month. In some cases, you might find that the filters are too dirty or damaged. In such a case, you should simply replace the units.

When buying new air filters, go with the most energy efficient. These will filter the air better and at the same time last for a long time.

Your furnace is old

Just like an old car, an old furnace tends to keep on developing problems. If your furnace is more than 10 years and keeps on developing problems, you should save money by replacing the appliance.

When you are buying the new appliance, go for one with a high energy rating. While the unit will be expensive to buy, it will function more efficiently. It also will last for a long time.

When it comes to the installation of the new unit, ensure that it’s installed by an experienced and certified professional.

You use the furnace the wrong way

While the furnace has been around for a long time, there are plenty of people that don’t use it the way that it’s supposed to. Some set it too high while others set it too low, which as you might guess, leads to plenty of problems.

In addition to the furnace consuming a lot of energy which sees your heating bills skyrocketing, it also leads to a slow death of the furnace.

All furnaces come with a manual that you should follow for you to keep your furnace in top working condition. If you are having a doubt with the appliance, consult a professional who will advise you accordingly.

You ignore the minor problems

The minor problems are the ones that get worse with time. Many homeowners ignore the minor furnace problems when they notice them. For example, when they notice unusual sounds, they ignore them. They also ignore it when they notice their power bills going up.

When you keep on ignoring the problems, they take a toll on the device and it grinds to a halt. In some cases, the furnace stops working in the middle of a cold night which forces you to hire an expensive emergency furnace repair professional.

For you to keep the furnace in good shape, you should address the furnace problems as soon as you notice them. Even if the furnace is functioning properly, as long it has a problematic area, you should address it as soon as it comes about.

If you have the skills you can fix it by yourself but if you have never done it before, hire a professional to help you out.

You don’t tune up the appliance

Did you know that many homeowners pay attention to their appliances when they develop a major problem? This is wrong. You are setting yourself up for trouble when you go for years without inspecting your appliance. This is because the furnace might have developed serious problems that might put your life and that of your loved ones at risk.

For peace of mind, to keep your heating costs low, and extend the life of the furnace, you should make a habit of hiring furnace service Falls Church providers to inspect the unit and fix any issues they might be having.

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