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Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair: What You Need To Know About The Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal in your place of work? You should; therefore, if you don’t already own one, you should get it.

Benefits of having a garbage disposal system

Commercial garbage disposal repair professionals observe that there are plenty of benefits that come with having a garbage disposal. Some of these benefits include:

They are an affordable option: When you dump waste directly into the sewer lines you put them at the risk of clogging up. Clogged drains will require you to hire a contractor to unclog them which as you know, will be expensive on your side.

When you buy a good quality garbage disposal system, you don’t have to worry about clogging your drains as the system will catch most of the clogging material. Garbage disposals also don’t consume a lot of energy which makes them an affordable option.

They help you get rid of bad odors: The garbage disposal grinds the waste material in small pieces. Once the waste has been cut into pieces its flushed immediately into the sewer system. Since the waste doesn’t sit around and rot in the wastebasket, no bad odors are produced.

In addition to the disposal helping you to get rid of bad odors, it also helps you to save time and energy as you don’t have to take out the trash as often as you should.

They are easy to clean: One of the main advantages of having a garbage disposal is that it’s easy to clean. All you need is to pour cold water into it and everything will be okay. If the unit isn’t working as effectively as it should, cleaning the motor has been found to be highly effective.

Garbage disposal dos

For you to prevent your garbage disposal from developing problems, you should treat it right. Some of the things that you should do include:

Before you turn on the garbage disposal, run cold water. Continue running the water while grinding food. The purpose of doing this is to harden any excess fats and oils so that they can pass through the drain line.

After turning off the unit, keep the water running for at least 10-15 seconds. This is to clear the disposal and drain line. For you to keep the drain line clean, consider adding a little dish soap to the running water.

From time to time, grind some ice and small lemon or lime wedges. These aid in cleaning, sharpening, and deodorizing the garbage disposal.

At least once a year, hire a drain contractor to inspect the garbage disposal and fix any issues it might be having. For you to avoid issues, ensure that the contractor fixes all of the problems regardless of how minor they are.

Plenty of people have been injured when working on the machine. When you need to work on the unit, always ensure that you have turned off the power at the source. This calls for you to get under the sink and unplugging the garbage disposal from the wall.

Garbage disposal don’ts

Just as you can do some things to improve the functioning of the garbage disposal, there are some things that you should avoid doing to keep your unit in top shape.

As rule of thumb, avoid pouring fats, oils, and grease down the garbage disposal. You should note that when you pour the FOGs down the drains, you put the drain pipes at the risk of clogging up.

The end result is you having to pay hefty amounts of money to unclog the drains. In some cases, the clog might end up in the municipal sewer lines, resulting to you being charged a hefty fine.

You should never use hot water when running the garbage disposal. This is because the water liquefies excess oil, putting your sewer lines at the risk of clogging up.

When you are grinding the food materials, you shouldn’t grind large amounts of it. The best way of going about it is only grinding small amounts of it at a time. Commercial appliances repair Fairfax professionals report that when you fill the garbage disposal, you put it at the risk of clogging up.

A clogged up garbage disposal not only causes a lot of inconveniences; it also puts a dent in your pockets as you have to hire a contractor to help you with the unclogging.

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