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The Best Tips for Bathroom Remodeling in 2022

While many homeowners only focus on the outer beauty of a house, the most experienced owners understand the importance of indoor aesthetics. Bathroom remodeling is the most underrated but highly valuable since it can be done faster and at a much lesser cost due to the smaller size.

How to remodel your bathroom in 2022?

First-time homeowners often find the entire concept of remodeling confusing. However, worry not, because we are here to provide you with the best tips for remodeling your bathroom in 2022. This will help you get the best value out of the remodeling project.

Do not forget about ventilation

When it comes to a bathroom, ventilation is of primary importance. Ventilation comes in a variety of styles. For instance, you can either install a window that is large and high enough or install an exhaust fan of the appropriate size.

For bathroom ventilation, the right sizing for exhaust fans is determined based on exhaust capacity. This is the cubic feet (volume) of air that the exhaust fan can remove per minute. At the same time, the exhaust capacity is directly dependent on the size of the bathroom.

Furthermore, the sound of exhaust fans should also be considered. That is because larger exhaust fans can be considerably noisy in a smaller bathroom. After checking both factors, a reasonable balance is obtained between the exhaust capacity and the noise levels.

Include some plants

For a fresh look and feel, it is important to include some indoor plants in the bathroom. This way, you can bring some color to bathrooms that otherwise look stale. We suggest including a floating shelf designed for the sole purpose of holding some indoor plant pots. The floating shelves can also host some scented candles for a cozier environment.

Lighting is important

A bathroom is a room where one inspects their faces and hair. However, if the lighting is dim and is not properly distributed in the room, it destroys the whole purpose. So, make sure that you have added adequate lighting in your bathrooms, especially around the mirror. Just make sure that the lights are not too blinding yet enough to make every corner shine.

Choose the correct floors

While solid wood floors can add a lot of character to the bathroom, they are not a practical choice. After all, a bathroom is likely to have a flow of water on the floor. Liquid can easily seep into the wood over time and damage it.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the best options since they are hard enough to prevent the seepage of water into them. You can also use brick flooring depending on the style and design of your walls.

Add hooks for hanging items

Using hooks, you can add a lot of useful surface area to your bathroom without the addition of additional countertops. Hooks are very useful for hanging bathrooms, towels, clothes, and a lot more. You can attach hooks to the door of the bathroom, the unused section of the walls, and on the side of the cabinets. Just make sure that they are sufficiently far away from the shower to prevent your hanging items from getting wet.


Bathroom remodeling can bring good returns if you plan on selling your house at some point in the future. This applies to other types of remodeling such as kitchens and patios as well. Generally, if the indoors of your house are well-kept, you are likely to get a good price for your house.

So, contact good bathroom remodelers Bowie today and improve the aesthetics of your house. Always deal with certified professionals for the best value and experience.

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