What Makes Designer Sunglasses Value the Price

Designer sunglasses come in various different designs to match whatever kind of outfit an individual may have. Although they are actually meant to save the eyes from the awkward sunlight, most sunglasses nowadays seemed to be made to serve as style accessories. They come in different shapes and colors of lenses and frames.

Most sunglasses today that truly catch people’s focus are designer sunglasses. They are those that are made by a famous fashion designer. They come in extremely stylish designs and are also quite costly. Sometimes, because most people use them as part of their fashion dressing, the true objective of sunglasses seemed to have been ignored. Why then do designer sunglasses cost very high when they just best for styling our outfit? Are they truly value the price we are paying?

Top selling designer sunglasses

Although designer sunglasses are meant to include style to our fashion get up, they are not all that. They are also used to save the eyes from sunlight. They serve both as a defensive eyewear and as style accessories. Let us have a look at some of the best selling designer sunglasses that we have in the market today and view if they value the price we are paying.

The Architect 2950 is one of the most famous sunglass in the market today. It is made of top standard real titanium with the gray metallic finish. Its lenses are in dark gray shade which is best for blocking the bad brightness of sunlight. It also has polycarbonate Polarized sunglasses with UV 400 protection. With these specifications plus its extremely stylish look, this eyewear is actually valued the price for serving both as a style accessory and a defensive eyewear.

Another one of those best-selling designer sunglasses is the 325 Cruiser Cable which is in a restricted edition of 500. It has UV 400 defensive feature as well. It is produced of titanium with 18K gold-plated accents. The lenses are darkened with Amber shade to save the eyes from bright sunlight.

Handmade designer sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are actually valued the price they are paying not just because they are capable of providing our eyes protection and they are capable of improving our sense of fashion but also because they are extremely durable. These kinds of sunglasses last a lot longer that we may be expecting they could initially because most of them are handmade. To even promise that they are durable, sellers of these eyeglasses sell them along with a guarantee.

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