How Can I Straighten My Hair Without Chemicals

Straight hair is never out of fashion. And you can style them in whatever way you want. But if you have curly, wavy or untamed hair, getting a straight hair look every day is maybe a struggle for you. Or an alternative way is to go for permanent chemical techniques from keratin treatment salons. But the question is, “Are those treatments safe?” Well, obviously, NO. Chemicals in whatever way are harsh to your hair.

Here’s a list of methods you can try to straighten your hair without chemicals.

Blow-Drying Hair Straight

Blow drying your hair is another way to get them straight. It may not give you pin-straight hair. But at least it is better than chemicals.

The straightening method is a bit different from general blow-drying. Following are the steps you need to take for the process:

Brush Your Hair

Firstly, brush your hair when they’re wet to detangle them. Use a wide-tooth hair brush for this purpose. Do it thoroughly from the roots to the tips. And then, let your hair dry.

Blow-Dry Rough

Before getting to the primary process, roughly blow dry your hair. And use your fingers to trace through your hair. Repeat the same process for each section. Do it until your mane is roughly damp.

Blow-Drying Straight

Now divide your hair into sections. Then, start with the bottom part first. For the straightening process, put the brush down your hair near the roots and pull down slowly while working the blow-dryer.

Make sure to keep the blow dryer nozzle downwards and move the brush from roots to tips.

Tip: Blow your hair with cold air at the end. It’ll help you to tame the effect of heat from a blow-dryer, leaving your hair straight and silky.

Hair Straightening Tricks

If not heat and chemicals, then master hair straightening tricks. These methods may not give you sleeker straight hair but are a perfect way to tame your frizzy hair. So you can say these methods are ideal for wavy hair.

Pull Your Hair Up In A Bun

This may sound like an unreal way. But it does work. All you need to do is put your hair up in a bun when they’re still wet. And then, let your hair air dry. This will take longer. But after you open your hair, you’ll have manageable waves. And then you can try flat-ironing your hair for further straightening.

This method is ideal for when you’re late for work, on a flight, or hustle-free overnight straightening.

Use Over-Sized Rollers

Another ideal way to straighten your hair without heat is using rollers. Depending upon your hair length and thickness, divide your hair into sections. And then, wrap each strand around the roller without twisting it. Use straight pins to pin your hair in the rollers.

For faster results, you can also heat or blow-dry your hair while still in rollers. This will help you to get a straighter look immediately.

Natural Hair Straightening Masks

Another slow yet healthy way to straighten your hair is by using natural hair masks. You can make these masks at home easily using available ingredients. Here are my most favorite ones.

Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is meant to straighten your hair. And if you mix it with coconut milk, the combination will leave your hair straight, frizz-free, and hydrated. This mask is meant to give your hair the required oils as well.

Combine ¼ cup of coconut milk with a tbsp. of lemon juice. And let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning, apply this combo to your hair and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash it after with water and sulfate-free shampoo for better results.

Note: Use this method once a week.

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil

Castor oil is a perfect hair care product when you need to treat your frizzy, dry hair. While coconut oil brings back the natural oils and moisture into your hair, leaving them hydrated.

All you need to do is to mix these two oils and heat them a little. After that, massage the product on your scalp and thoroughly into your hair, covering your tips. Leave it for an extra 35 minutes and wash.

Note: Use this mask twice a week for flawless results.

These are some methods you can use for straight hair. We advise you to visit a hair straightening salon Rockville to learn about the straightening options you can choose.

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