5 Reasons You Are Sleepy All The Time

If you are finding it extremely hard to remain conscious but sleep takes over your life, then it is very problematic and you should see a sleep specialist. Feeling sleepy all the time is not a good thing and here are some possible reasons why you could be feeling sleepy.

Sleep Apnea

Any sleep disorder can cause disruption in your sleeping schedule. Sleep apnea is one of them. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person loses the ability to breathe during sleep. This stopping of breath can be some seconds long, but it can also cause the person to wake up. Feeling disheveled and fragmented from their sleep, sleep apnea can cause a person to lose track of their sound sleep.

Sleep apnea can also lead to anxiety due to sleep because the person will keep thinking about how their breathing will stop once they fall asleep. This can ultimately cause you to lose sleep and it will make you feel lethargic and tired all day, causing you to unintentionally doze off during the day. Good sleep will make you energetic and fresh, while losing sleep because of sleep disorders like sleep apnea can make you feel a lot more sleepy throughout the day, regardless of the place and time.

It is important that you seek medical help in this case, because prolonged sleep apnea, although it is not fatal, can lead to a lot of mood changes and bad sleep schedule, which in turn, will affect your overall mood and day.


Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder in which you have difficulty in waking up or falling asleep. One of the main symptoms of narcolepsy is excessive sleep. You can fall asleep anytime and anywhere, regardless of the amount of sleep you had the night before. Sometimes, sleep can occur while being fully awake, this can be similar to paralysis.

In narcolepsy, you will also feel a lot of trouble in moving your muscles and you might also feel numbness and tingling in your muscles. Another symptom of narcolepsy involves the inability to wake up. You will experience difficulties in waking up suddenly because you will be extremely drifted in your sleep.

Bad Sleeping Habits

If you are someone who has a bad sleeping schedule, then you are going to feel extremely sleepy throughout the day. This is very common in people who have night shift jobs and who struggle to keep a said routine when it comes to sleep. In order to correct your sleeping habits, you need to stick to a routine. You can still get a good night’s sleep even if your work doesn’t allow it. You just need to make some adjustments to make time for proper rest.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a very common neurological and sleeping disorder in which a person is eager to shake their limbs and other parts of the body while sleeping. Mostly, it’s the arms and legs. Although this disorder is not completely fatal, it can cause disruption in sleep. Especially if you are a light sleeper, then you will wake up at the slightest activity of your limbs and will not be able to fall asleep until the next 30 to 40 minutes. Movement during sleep may lead to tiredness the next day and you will feel sleepy throughout the day.

Extreme Fatigue

Fatigue and feeling tired all the time is not just due to stress or workload. This is a full-blown disease that can lead to you feeling less energetic and fresh after sleep. No matter how much you sleep, you will feel like the fatigue isn’t going away. This is a serious problem and you need to consult your doctor immediately. Fatigue is caused by overwork, stress, and pushing yourself too much. You need to tackle this issue as fast as possible because you don’t want your sleep to be compromised at the expense of fatigue and tiredness.

Now that you know what causes you to be drowsy all the time, you can tackle that problem and avoid dozing off during mundane activities and odd hours. Go to a sleep center, get diagnosed, and go through with the treatment.

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