How To Spot Fake Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a new trend now. They add bounce and volume to your hair. But, at the same time, people out there are selling fake human hair extensions, which are of no use and damage your natural hair too.

Ahead I’ve mentioned ways to spot fake human hair extensions.

The Flame Test

In this test, you get to burn the hair strands over the flame and see how they react. If they melt and round up like a ball while smelling like rubber, they’re fake. It is because natural hair burns instantly, and they smell like hair while burning.

It is guaranteed that this test works. There’s no flaw in it. But the only downside is that you can’t burn the hair strands before buying them. So, you can only apply this experiment after spending your bucks. Well, at least you’ll then. Or else, you might melt hair extensions in your hair while using heat tools.

But, in case you want to know at-salon ways to check hair extensions, there are other methods as well.


The best way to know you’re buying an original is going to some trusted stylist or a dealer. If you don’t have experience in purchasing hair extensions before, you can ask your friends for help. Going to someone referred by your friend will make you comfortable buying from them. And there are chances that you will get a discount as well.  Also, people who have been buying hair extensions for a long time, they know better.


The first at-saloon method is to examine the color of hair extensions. Natural human hair has subtle highlights and transitions because real hair changes color when exposed to light. But, if the hair extensions are unnatural of a constant shade. Then, that means they are either fake or have been colored before. Do not buy hair extensions that have been used before, because it is unhealthy. And also, used hair extensions are damaged and weak.


The second thing that you can check while buying hair extensions from a salon is the texture. It is not such a reliable method, but still, it works. You can never tell by touching a hair strand either it is real or not.

Some ways to check the texture of hair extensions are:

  • Real human hair extensions feel smooth and silky to touch while you move your hands downwards. But, when you move your hands upwards, human hair extensions resist and don’t feel smooth.
  • On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions feel smooth to touch, no matter what way you rub your hands over them.
  • Lastly, natural hair extensions are uneven at the end. And if the hair extensions you’re buying are unnaturally even, then they’re probably fake.


An obvious trick to check either your hair extensions are fake or real is their price. Fake hair extensions cost too low, and they’re too glossy. And the price range for human hair extensions starts from average to high. Obviously, a real hairstylist will ask for a considerable amount of money for human hair extensions.

But that doesn’t mean you should go for too high prices. Else, shop around and find the best suitable price range for you. But never go for cheap and fake hair extensions.

Bleaching And Heating

Human hair extensions are shinier yet strong. So, they have less effect of chemicals and heat as compared to synthetic hair extensions. Fake hair extensions will most likely burn when you bleach them. And they will horribly melt in your natural hair when you try to heat them. So, you see, they’re very dangerous for your hair.

While on the other hand, natural hair extensions instantly lighten when you bleach them. And you can easily apply heat tools to them. You just have to consult your hairstylist before for the right amount of heat for your hair extensions.


Shedding of two to three hair strands is normal, and it happens with natural hair too. But, if you see a lot of hair fall in your hair extensions, they’re most probably fake.

Also, it is good to use a soft and wide-tooth comb for your hair extensions. And you should better comb your hair extensions upward to avoid shedding. Moreover, go to a reliable hair extensions salon Potomac to get extensions.

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