6 Low Maintenance Hair Colors And Highlights

Hair colors come and go as trends, but some are just classic, because they are wearable, easy to maintain and you don’t need to take care of the hair color a lot. Many women get balayage services because they are low maintenance if done smartly. Here are some amazing yet low to almost no maintenance hair colors and highlights for your hair.

A Dark Balayage

Some of the easiest colors to maintain and look after are dark browns and blondes. The best way to incorporate a maintenance free color with a trendy style is getting a dark colored balayage done. You can have it done in any color, but the best pairing is with a base of dark brown and having wisps of a lighter color with it. It is very easy to maintain, especially if you naturally have darker hair and don’t want to have your roots touched up every now and then.


If you have lighter hair and want to go for a full color change but you also want it to be less maintenance, then blonde is the best option for you. The reason why blonde hair color is great for women with naturally lighter hair is that the color result is amazing afterwards and you don’t need to touch your roots up with hair color after a certain time has passed. This can be a huge problem for women who have darker hair and they begin to show dark roots after some time. Blonde looks classic and it adds a lot of character to your hair.

Brown With Dark Or Light Highlights

A classic chestnut brown with lighter colored highlights is a great way to hop on the trend bus without having to worry about maintaining the hair color time after time. You can choose between lighter or darker colored highlights, depending on your base color. If you go for a lighter base color, then dark highlights will pop out more.

Similarly, for lighter base hair, darker colored highlights will compliment you more. The trick with highlights is to go 3 to 4 shades darker or lighter than your base color. This will make the highlights more prominent and make them look good against your hair.

Maroon Ombre

If you have red or brunette hair and if you want to go for an ombre, then the best combination with these colors is maroon. A maroon ombre is a great way to compliment the fiery red tones of your hair and it is also low maintenance.

You don’t need to keep going to your local salon and have your ombre fixed or your roots touched up, because this color usually lasts for a good amount of time on your hair. If you want to be adventurous with your red hair color but still want it to look wearable and casual, then maroon is the way to go.


Babylights are a bit more subtle version of highlights, in which the streaks of color are more fine and blended in with each other. This makes the color more soft and it also makes the hair look like one uniform color, but if you look closely, the babylights will be visible. The same rule of highlights also applies to babylights, so you can go for any color or shade you want, as long as it looks good to you.

For more low maintenance and wearable styles, you can go for the usual browns and darker base colors with lighter colored babylights.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel is also a great color for highlights. It looks especially good with both darker and lighter hair and it grows from a solid caramel highlight to an ombre highlight, even if your roots start to grow. The trick here is to go for a caramel color which lies in the middle of your color shade, so even if your roots start to show, you won’t have to worry about touching them up, because they will blend effortlessly in the hair.


There you have it! These hair colors can be paired with different highlights and they will still look amazing. Try out these colors and styles at a hair highlights salon and prepare to have your mind blown. Hypno

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