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Everything You Should Know About A Chimney Chase

A chimney may seem very simple and its design may be very self-explanatory, but there are a lot of components of a chimney. Here is everything you need to know about a chimney chase. This knowledge will help you with chimney inspection and detecting chimney problems.

What Is A Chimney Chase?

A chimney chase is like a long chute that connects the opening of the roof with the fireplace. It can be made from different materials, but mostly it is made up of wood or bricks. It can be long or short, thick or thin, depending on the height between the fireplace and the roof and how long you want the chase to be. This is where the flue pipe is.

The flue pipe is what guides the smoke and other remnants of the wood out of the house and in the air. The chase is exposed through the roof and you can even have a case or flap attached to the top of the chimney chase, which will prevent outside things from coming into the chimney and directly in the fireplace. Things like snow, water from rain, and winds will be blocked through the chase flap.

The inside walls of the chimney chase are made up of stucco or veneer, but the outside can be wooden, made of steel, or from bricks too. This all depends on what type of look you want and what is more durable for your situation. A chimney chase is probably the most important part of a chimney and it needs to be well looked after if you want the fireplace and chimney to work effortlessly for years to come.

Is It Important?

Think of a chimney chase as the heart of the chimney. It is like an exhaust for the fireplace and if the fireplace has no place to eject the smoke out from the house, then the entire room will be filled with black smoke and you don’t want that. It is an important component of a chimney and it does most of the work which a chimney is known for, so all in all, yes, a chimney chase is important because, without it, there is no purpose for a chimney.

What Does It Do?

A chimney chase is a long and straight chute, which connects the mouth of the fireplace to the surface of the roof. This acts as an exhaust area for the smoke to get out of the fireplace and out of the house too. This chase or chute directs the smoke and other debris away from the fireplace and out of the house. This will prevent the room from filling up with smoke and if the room does start to fill up with blackish smoke, then it means that there is a problem with the chute and it needs to be looked at.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Chimney Chase?

A chimney chase has the following uses:

  • A chimney chase prevents fire from occurring in the house and in the chimney.
  • It also acts as a support for the exterior of the chimney, so the chimney chase may be dubbed as the backbone of the chimney.
  • It keeps the house, and the room where the fireplace is, warm and cozy, which is exactly what you want in the blistering cold months.
  • It also prevents moisture from building up in the fireplace and it also reduces the chances of pest infestation in the house.

Does My Chimney Chase Need Replacement?

Here are some tell-tale signs that your chimney chase needs replacement:

  • If you start to feel the air becoming colder and it is coming from the fireplace then it means that the chimney chase is not working properly.
  • A lot of soot and creosote buildup will also lead to the weakening of the chase and it needs to be looked at.
  • If there is water leakage or molds forming on the inside walls of the fireplace then the chase needs to be looked at and replaced immediately.

There you have it! A chimney chase is an important component and structural part of the chimney. If it’s damaged, you should connect with chimney repair Columbia MD services immediately for a replacement.

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