Commercial Ice Maker Repair: Tips On How To Keep Your Ice Maker In Top Condition

The last thing you want is your restaurant running out of ice. When that happens you will not only give your restaurant a bad image, you also risk losing a lot of money.

The cool thing is that you can prevent it from happening by ensuring that your ice machine is in top condition all the time. To help you out, here are tips given by commercial ice maker repair professionals on how to go about it:

Keep it clean

This is like the basic rule for all appliances. You need to keep them clean. For the ice machine to continue functioning optimally you should clean it at least twice a year. By doing so you prevent germs from building up.

Cleaning the appliance has also been shown to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning thus you don’t need to hire an ice machine repair professional every now and then.

You can hire an expert to clean the unit for you, but if you believe you can clean it by yourself, you should go ahead and do it. You should note that when cleaning, you need to disassemble it. This calls for you to have ice machine disassembly skills.

After disassembling it, go ahead and clean the various components with water and authorized cleaning chemicals.

When cleaning, clean all the parts. This includes the interior parts, drain lines, and the machine underside.

Keep the water filtered

You should ensure that any water getting into the ice machine is filtered. Filtered water not only ensures that no particles enter the unit, it also ensures that your unit doesn’t spread diseases to your clients.

For you to ensure that the unit is safe, you should regularly inspect the filter and ensure that it’s in perfect condition and working optimally. If the filter is damaged, replace it. For ideal results, get a high-quality filter that efficiently removes germs and other particles without eliminating water disinfectants such as chlorine.

There are plenty of filters in the market that you can go for. You only need to choose the ones that are ideal for your choosing. As mentioned, you should buy a high-quality filter from a reputable brand.

Repair the appliance at the right time

Even with the best care, it’s common for the ice machine to develop problems every now and then. Some people tend to ignore some of the problems, especially when they are minor. Don’t do this. Remember the minor problems often escalate and become issues you can’t handle.

To keep the appliance in top working condition you need to fix the issues as soon as they happen. The machine is a basic machine; therefore, you can fix some of the problems without the help of an appliance repair professional.

When fixing the unit by yourself, you should note that you need to open it up. This calls for you to remove screws using a nut driver or long screwdriver. Studies show that most ice makers develop common problems; therefore, you can fix most of them.

When you open up the unit, consider installing a new inlet valve. This calls for you to remove the old valve and plug in the new one.

The unit will also develop problems if the water line isn’t functioning as well as its supposed to. To fix the problem, push the water supply from the inlet valve into the barbed fitting at the top of the fridge.

If you do this and the problem doesn’t go away, you should contact a commercial repair professional to help you with the repair.

You should note that sometimes the ice maker problems are due to an old appliance. If you have been fixing the unit and it keeps on developing problems, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Undertake regular inspections

Finally, you need to regularly inspect your ice machine. You can do the inspection by yourself or ask a reputable commercial appliances repair Fairfax professional to help you out. The inspection shouldn’t be only of the various parts. You also should inspect the quality of the ice made by the machine.

During the inspection, always confirm that the quality and the amount of ice produced by the machine matches the numbers outlined by the manufacturer.

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