How To Avoid Frequent Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns

We know that commercial refrigerators are expensive and cost a huge amount. Therefore, they need to be protected. In order to help you avoid frequent commercial refrigerators repairs, following are some practical tips that you can follow.

Coil Cleaning

The condenser coils in commercial refrigerators are considered the most important part. They need to be protected and maintained for smooth functioning of the refrigerator. When these coils have faults, it affects the cooling level as well as causes overheating issues. So you must clean these coils on a regular basis to avoid refrigerator breakdown.

Check Refrigerant Level

Another important step you can take to prevent commercial refrigerators issues is to maintain the refrigerant. For this, you will need the help of a commercial appliance repairer who can check the refrigerant level. If it reaches the lowest level, it leads to leakage issues and ultimately the breakdown of your commercial refrigerator.

Inspect Electrical Connections

You may have noticed the issue of the commercial refrigerators tripping the circuit. When doing refrigerator troubleshooting, you’ll learn that this occurs when it is installed improperly. Moreover, this also causes more consumption of the power and you will get increased power bills. Therefore, you need to ensure all the electrical connections are normal. In case of any possible issues, you should get help from appliance repair services.

Monitor the Motor Operation

The fan motor in your commercial refrigerator is very critical considering its functioning and importance for the refrigerator. It can slow down over time due to many reasons such as dust, grim and other problems. You will need the help of a professional who can clean the motor fan and make sure it is moving at normal speed.

Calibrate Thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostat of your commercial refrigerator is the reason why it can have issues. It required a detailed inspection of the thermostat. In case of critical issues, you will have to call the appliance repair service so that their technician can inspect it and repair the thermostat for normal working of the commercial refrigerator.

Clean Ice Machines

In order to avoid breakdowns of your commercial refrigerators, you also need to pay attention to the ice machines or the ice maker. They require regular cleaning, maintenance and care. Otherwise, ice makers can cause bacteria, affect the food quality and spoil what is stored inside. Always keep your ice machine clean to prevent any issues.

Maintain Airflow Around Units

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they keep their commercial refrigerator anywhere. It is not the right thing. Instead, you should place the commercial refrigerator at some place where it can get proper airflow around. It will prevent many problems like overheating, leaking and freezing. Proper ventilation is required in this regard.

Keep the Room Temperature Comfortable

It is a fact that the kitchen areas are usually warm and hot. Commercial refrigerators are also placed in the kitchens which leads to even more temperature in the room. It affects the commercial equipment and their performance. In order to ensure improved working of the refrigerator, room temperature should be maintained at the lowest level possible. It is also helpful to prevent repairing and maintenance issues of your refrigerators.

Do Not Pack Units Too Much

It is another mistake many of you may also be making at the moment. Stuffing the units in your commercial refrigerators is never a good idea. It has serious impacts on the refrigerator, its performance, food quality and can cause breakdown of the machine at any moment. Therefore, you must never pack the units too much to allow proper air circulation.

Check the Gaskets

The door gaskets are also very important and need care in order to avoid breakdown or issues with the commercial refrigerators. It should be noted that when the gaskets are faulty, or have cracks, they prevent the door from being closed properly. This is why the commercial refrigerators have leaking issues. Moreover, they can also spoil the food in a short time.


You can improve the performance of your commercial refrigerator and avoid breakdowns by following the tips and tricks provided above. Moreover, hire commercial refrigerator services Alexandria as soon as there is any problem which can’t be handled by your staff.

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