5 Reasons Why Your Commercial Deep Fryer Won’t Turn On

Commercial deep fryers are used to prepare multiple food items at the same time. Mostly found at restaurants, hospitals, airports, etc. commercial deep fryers take a regular beating and it is normal for them to develop problems. Therefore, if you come to find out that your deep fryer is not turning on and you need deep fryer repair, we are going to share some tips that might help you diagnose the problem.

Broken Thermostat

The first thing you need to inspect if your commercial deep fryer is not turning on is the thermostat. Every manufacturer always includes a thermostat with deep fryers to allow the user to adjust the operating temperature. In the absence of the thermostat, one may end up burning the oil due to extreme temperature. As a result, the quality of the food won’t remain consistent as well.

In addition to that, an overheating deep fryer can also lead to a fire outbreak. Therefore, if you observe that your deep fryer is suddenly acting fishy and is not able to maintain the temperature, it might have a broken thermostat. In such a case, you will need to consult a professional who will determine the root cause of the problem.

Faulty Pilot Light

In addition to the thermostat, the pilot light tends to be one of the most important components in a deep fryer. It is designed to ignite the gas to heat the oil. As a result, your employees do not have to light the burners manually each time. With that said, if the pilot light happens to be faulty, the deep fryer will not be able to start, which will cause a delay in the operations.

Unfortunately, you cannot fix this on your own and will need to call in a professional. However, before that make sure the hose between the gas line and pilot light is in perfect working condition. With time, the hose can develop cracks or simply wear out, causing the gas to leak. If the hose seems to be perfect but the pilot light still fails to function, you will need a professional to fix the issue.

Broken Thermopile

The thermopile is a heating component inside the deep fryer that converts thermal heat into electric energy to help power the equipment. However, as mentioned earlier, since deep fryers are used on a regular basis throughout the day for extended periods of time, it is possible that the thermopile can become overpowered and break down.

Additionally, the thermopile is directly connected to the pilot light. Therefore, if the thermopile happens to malfunction, it won’t be able to generate electric energy and the pilot light won’t turn on. With that said, a faulty thermopile is usually identified by defective pilot light.

Broken Oil Filter

The majority of commercial deep fryer owners ignore replacing the oil filters. Keep in mind that oil filters collect a lot of debris and waste items that can directly impact the quality of the food. Oil filters are designed to make sure only clean oil is used to prepare food items.

Therefore, if the oil filter happens to be broken, the clean oil will not be able to circulate effectively. As a result, the quality of the food will not remain consistent. To avoid such situations, you should consult the user’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding replacing the oil filter.

Blocked Burners

Finally, blocked burners might also stand in the way of not letting your deep fryer turn on. The reason is that oil, dirt, and dust can accumulate in the burner orifices which can impede their performance. Therefore, you should train your employees to clean them at the end of each working day.

If the solution does not work, you might want to check the fuel lines or the gas pressure. A commercial deep fryer will only work when there is sufficient gas pressure available.

Final Word

Concluding, some commercial deep fryer problems might seem easy and simple to fix but will still require a professional from commercial appliances repair Fairfax services to attend to them. However, you should make sure that your deep fryer is regularly maintained and inspected to prevent expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

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