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Asthma-Friendly Food

Having allergies such as asthma suddenly restricts you to do the things you used to and to eat the food you’ve been eating ever since day 1. That should change this time. Visit your asthma doctor and consult them about – the yes and the no – edible stuff that you can munch every day. See, having an allergy condition should not totally shut you off from the world. You should and can still enjoy life to the fullest and embrace what’s in store for you. But of course, you must take into consideration the fact that your asthma is not just any other allergies.  Therefore, precautionary measures should be prioritized and that should start with the food that you will be eating.

Asthma Diet

According to experts, there is no proper diet that will cure asthma, however, there are measures that can help and contribute in dealing with your asthma the easier way.


  • True enough that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and it can also keep asthma attack. Based on a study that if you eat at least two to five apples per week the lower the chance of you having an asthma attack.


  • One of the best antioxidant elements is Vitamin C. It can counter the symptoms of lung conditions by fighting bacteria and infection. According to a study, those who include vitamin C in their daily diets have lower chances of suffering from asthma compared to those who have less intake. You can find vitamin C in citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, broccoli, kiwi, tomatoes and Brussels sprouts.


  • Rich in beta-carotene, another known antioxidant, which transforms into vitamin A, carrots can also help aid the attack of asthma in the body. It also keeps the eyes and immune system in good condition and can also ward off symptoms of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Other sources of beta-carotene are green peppers, sweet potatoes, and apricots.


  • This might be a bit surprising to you, but yes, your daily dose of morning Jo can actually help you from asthma. Although there is still a pile of discussions whether caffeine should be deemed as a good or bad guy to your health, at this point this hot cup is not playing as a villain. Research suggests that drinking coffee can actually boost airway function that can last for four hours from the time you slowly chug into your coffee mug. But if you prefer black tea it might also provide you with the same benefits.


  • Known to contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium, flax seeds can suppress the symptoms of asthma. Omega- 3 can also be found in salmon and other fish with natural, healthy oils. Magnesium, however, relaxes the muscles around the airways which also prevents asthma.


  • Believed to be an ancient antibiotic and a remedy for all kinds of illnesses and health cases, garlic, which contains anti-inflammatory compounds can also prevent any symptoms that may lead to asthma. Including garlic in your daily meal can also provide you with other health benefits


  • You can never set aside the health benefits that avocado can give to the human body. Its abundant content of antioxidants has been just paramount which makes health experts love this fruit. Rich in glutathione, these antioxidants protects the body from any damage caused by harmful elements. It also promotes weight loss because it helps lower cholesterol and contains healthy fats.

How To Avoid Asthma

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Include more omega-3 food in your diet.
  • Ditch omega-6 and trans fats.
  • Practice a calorie diet and balanced meals.
  • Avoid foods that are loaded with preservatives.
  • Avoid peanuts, salty foods, shellfish, lobster, crab, and shrimp dishes.
  • Reduce your wine and milk intake.

Asthma is one of the allergies that you can easily prevent and control. It is better that you start learning how you can treat them before it became a chronic condition. There are many lung conditions out there that just got worse because the patient refused to do an early treatment and did not take the symptoms seriously. So if you think that you are having asthma or an allergy, the allergy clinic Manassas can help you confirm that as well as the causes of your allergy. Remember, you can prevent the allergy from attacking you so just live your life and enjoy every moment of it.

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