7 Signs Your Commercial Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

If you own a restaurant or a café, you must know how important your commercial garbage disposal is. Even though it is out of sight and out of mind, if the disposal is not working the way it is supposed to, your business can be affected. However, some problems tend to confuse business owners as they try to determine whether you need commercial garbage disposal repair or replace the unit. So, we are going to share some top signs that will help you go with the right option. Let’s begin!

It Won’t Turn On

If you turn on the switch to your garbage disposal and it does not turn on, it means that you have a problem on your hands. However, before you call an expert to fix the issue, check the electrical connections. Plus, check the circuit breaker for any blown fuses. Try resetting the unit or circuit breaker to see if that makes the disposal work again.

If the issue prevails, check to see if anything is preventing the blades from moving. If you do not spot any obstructions, it means the circuit is probably blown. Therefore, call an expert to repair or replace the circuit.

You Have To Press The Reset Button Every Time You Use The Disposal

If you have to press the reset button or flip the switch every time you use your garbage disposal, it means there is either something wrong with the electrical connections or the unit has simply aged. If there are any faulty connections, a technician will be able to repair them.

However, if there is a component that is causing the problem, the expert might be able to repair it but, in most cases, electrical components need replacement.

Garbage Disposal Makes Weird Noises

If your commercial garbage disposal is making loud noises, it is indicating there is something wrong. Unusual sounds like a squeaking point towards something that has either gone wrong or is about to go bad. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is turn off the disposal and inspect for any leftovers or food items that might be causing the issue.

But if that is not the case, you will need to call in a professional who will most probably be able to repair the noise-producing component.

Bad Odors

If your commercial garbage disposal has a bad odor, you should run hot water and any cleaner through it. But if the smell persists, it means you have a malfunctioning unit. A plumber or a technician can check out the unit and remove any trapped food waste, which is causing the odor. And if the odor has been there for a long time, it might be that the trapped food item has damaged some components. Therefore, the expert will inspect and repair the concerned components, if possible.

Lag Time

Your commercial garbage disposal should be able to grind food leftovers within seconds. But if you notice that the disposal is taking more time to break down the food, it most probably means that the blades have turned dull. In this case, you won’t have to replace the unit. You will simply need to hire an expert to sharpen or replace the blades.

Frequent Jamming

Another possible sign that your commercial garbage disposal might need repairs is frequent jamming. If you notice that the unit is jamming even after placing a small number of leftover items, it means either the blades have gone dull or the motor itself has turned weak. You can repair the unit by replacing the motor but if that does not fix the issue, you will be needing a replacement.

Water Leaking From The Disposal

Sometimes, commercial garbage disposals develop leaks. This could happen due to several reasons but in most cases, it is due to normal wear and tear. So, you should contact an expert and get the issue fixed as the unit can easily be repaired by replacing the component that is causing the leak.

Final Word

In conclusion, commercial garbage disposals are designed to last for years until needing a replacement. However, that does not mean they won’t develop problems. If your commercial garbage disposal displays the signs mentioned above, you can easily get it repaired from commercial appliance repair services. topac

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