How Can You Tell If It’s A Silk Rug

If you are a person who loves to buy only genuine products, be it bags, shoes, clothes, or silk. Yes, silk! Believe it or not but there are hundreds of fake products and sellers in the market. But then how can you buy genuine silk rugs near me?

What To Know About Silk Rugs?

Authentic silk is produced only by the silkworm, which is from the Asian native, known as the Mulberry Silk Moth. The caterpillar stage of the silkworm produces the fibers which are known as cocoons. The silkworm spins the cocoon that is of a single fiber and which is thousands of inches in length. The silk is harvested when the cocoons are completed by boiling or heating, which also kills the silkworms. Then through a difficult process, the cocoon is spun into a single fiber and joined together to be spun into silk thread or silk yarn. The yarn is then dyed in different colors and silk fabric is created.

Authentic oriental rugs are made from 100% silk and if people have the genuine eye for recognizing silk, then they cannot be fooled. It’s not artificial silk is not nice or a sin to use but selling it in the name of original silk and charging the high price of fake silk in the name of original is a sin. However, tons of people are doing that.

If you are on the lookout for a genuine area rug made of silk for your home and do not know how not to be fooled by the rug vendors and how to identify the difference between the original silk rug and artificial silk rug then you have come to the right place. Fibers spun by the Mulberry silkworms are original silk only and everything other than that is fake. However, there are certain ways to identify whether it is original silk or artificial silk.

Rubbing The Silk

So you see a nice and silky rug that is feeling soft in your hands. What you should do is that you rub it extensively on the palms of your hands. If the vigorous rubbing causes the silk in your hands to become warm then it is original silk, however, if the silk stays cool to touch and feel even after rubbing then it is artificial. Of course, if you have felt an authentic silk rug before, then it will be easier for you to identify the difference between real and fake.


Original silk will be tightly and closely knit with more than 200 weaves per square inch and around 500 or more weaves per square inch. They are coupled tightly together with intricate details with tiny knits visible. You will need to look very closely to identify. Fake silk will have less than 200 weaves per square inch which could be closely visible.


Another factor is that authentic silk will have a real fringe which will be a continuation of the whole fabric and not look as if it’s sewn in or added in the silk fabric.

Burning Silk

Take out a small thread from the end of the silk rug and burn it carefully. Look at the result, it will turn into ash. If the ash is soft and white then it is not original silk and if the ash curls into a ball that is black and crispy then it is original silk. Another thing you need to notice is the burning smell. If it smells like burning paper then it is artificial silk whereas if it smells like burning hair then it is original.

Dissolving Silk

Another method to determine the authenticity of the silk fabric is by dissolving it. Original silk thread will be completely dissolved whereas if it is not original then it will stay in the same state. This is the most authentic test to check the originality of silk.


Before you proceed to buy an authentic silk rug, perform these tests to thoroughly check the originality and then spend your hard-earned money. Moreover, go to rugs on sale Northern VA stores that are known to have genuine products. You can also use the price factor to know if it’s a fake or real silk rug, but the above-mentioned methods are also helpful.

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