Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating

Cars are prone to wear and tear like every other piece of technology. Some parts of your car might take more damage than the others depending on the build material and the type of stress it’s put under. Mostly, we can see the car owners get the interior of their car decorated/ protected with steering wheel covers, fancy knobs and window tilts. While all of these things can certainly help you reserve the interior of your car in a better condition for a prolonged period of time, only a few people actually concentrate on the exterior. We should know that protecting the exterior of our car is more important than decorating its exterior. For that, using car bodywork protection film is the best option.

Different Options

Protecting the paint of your car is an important step towards preserving its value and real shine. But at this important stage, car owners seem confused between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings. Before selecting any one of these above mentioned products, it is necessary that you study the basic differences between these two. Here are some points to help you out if you’re still confused.

Paint Protection Film

This is a thin film that you can get installed by any paint protection film installers on top of the outer paint layer of your car. This is basically used to save the outer glossy paint surface from the harms of weather and any physical damage (to a certain extent). Here are some functions of paint protection film.

  1. It can save your car from any type of damage inflicted by small rocks and dirt particles
  2. Saves the outer layer of your car from any type of chemical damage
  3. Saves the vehicle from any mineral deposits from impure water
  4. Save the car from the dangers of UV light

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is actually a liquid polymer layer which chemically binds to the original paint of your car after application. It can make your car more resistant to chemical stains and saves it from any type of UV light’s dangers. It is a hydrophobic layer, so, chemical contaminants have no chance of bonding with it.

  1. Ceramic coating helps your car look newer and fresher for longer.
  2. Washing a ceramic coated car is way easier, because the layer is though and doesn’t let anything bind with itself.
  3. Acidic contaminants also have a less chance of damaging you cars paint.
  4. Protects the car from any type of fading because of UV light exposure.

Similarities Between The Two

Both of these products are similar in a way that both of these serve the purpose of saving your car from any unnecessary damage and making it look newer for a longer period of time.

In addition to the same basic purpose that both these products serve, they also have some features in common. For example, both of them can save the paint of your car from fading out due to excessive UV light exposure.

Protecting your vehicle from any type of chemical and acidic contamination is also a common feature of both these products.

Whether you add a ceramic coating to your car or get a car bodywork protection film installed, you’ll end up with a better/ newer looking car at the end of the day.

Differences Between The Two

While many features of the protection film and Ceramic coating are similar in a way, there are many different features that both of these possess. In fact, these are the features that help us classify these two products in different categories.

Paint protection film is a bit thicker than ceramic coating. But in return, it is self-healing, meaning that it heals itself to its initial condition after some time of taking damage. So, in addition to making your car resistant from dust and abrasion damage, the film itself is strong enough to stand the test of time.

On the other hand, ceramic coating is a good option if you want to save your car from any type of chemical damage. But keep in mind that the Ceramic coating doesn’t have any self-healing properties. So, it’s not fit for use in an environment where there are more chances of physical damage. So, you can choose one of these materials to compliment the beauty of your car after a thorough analysis.

You can also take advice from paint protection film installers Springfield and get the film installed that is best for your car.

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