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The YES and the NOS of Granite Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to home improvement, the kitchen happens to be our top priority most of the time. It’s like before you plan to renovate the other parts of the house, you start with your kitchen first. You’ll have a whole wide choice of what you wanted for your cooking space, but granite countertops are usually the most recommended one.

What you Need to Know About Granite Countertops

First off, it’s hard and really sturdy. It has been molded from a condensed molten rock embedded underneath the Earth for millions of years now. So you know that it’s made up of genuine mineral which what makes it so special. It has high resistance to heat so you will not worry about scratches, cracks or get easily damaged. The reason why many homeowners choose granite countertops because of its superiority in the field of home interior fashion. Compared to marble, concrete or other common materials, granite has this immaculate persona that makes it stand out.

Granites are unique because it is not only composed of one mineral element but other natural crystals too. The most known ones are quartz and feldspar. From the quarries straight to the state of the art milling machines, granites are formed with the use of special tools. It is then designed in different styles and colors which you can even have it custom-made depending on your kitchen design and preferences. Not only is granite a top choice for kitchens, but for the bathroom as well.

What Should You Consider about Granite Countertops?

Having presented with the granite history and its portfolio, you are definitely excited to have them installed in your kitchen area. But before your impulsiveness consumes you, here are just some of the pointers that you have to consider about having a granite material in your cooking realm.

  • Color Scheme. Prepare for a whole 9-yards of color and design options. You will be presented with various shades starting from the lighter ones to the darker slab pieces. Its natural design is what makes it really fashionable and elegant. Though expect some distinct hems from the installation, if you opt for the darker shades, then the seams will not be that obvious. But don’t expect too much if you wanted the natural granite design because you will have to live with your countertop seams.
  • Personal Choice. So you have finally made up your mind by having a granite as your kitchen counter. If you went over a catalog to make your selection, it’s highly advised to personally pick the granite design you wanted at the store or shop. Where you can touch, see, and feel the slab first-hand. Because the color and design of this stone differ widely when on a magazine than seeing it up close.
  • Everyday Care. In cleaning our kitchen counters we are accustomed to using dish soap with water and a normal dishcloth but for granite countertops, you should avoid acidic and alkaline cleaning solutions and stick with cleaners that have a natural PH content. Plus, cleansers with bleach should never be used on granite exteriors. And although granites are atop of the home remodeling experts list, when it comes to stains, we can consider that as its drawback. Cooking oils, vinegar, alcohol, and juices can easily cause stains on granite countertops or even discoloration. Even if you choose a darker color it will not solve the problem. If any spills happen, clean it immediately and never let it sit on your counter too long.
  • Proper Maintenance. An annual resealing is the key to have that lasting granite countertop installed in your kitchen area. You can either have a professional to do the resealing or you can do it yourself too. So with good maintenance, you can avoid replacement of your kitchen surface.
  • Kitchenware and dining ware. You already know that granite kitchen tops have high resistance to heat and only the leakage that may stream into the granite can make it look replaceable. Knives or other sharp and edgy kitchen tools will not be a problem too. But if you accidentally or intentionally break either a chinaware, wine glass or a crystal plate on the granite surface sad to say but you have to replace it instantly.
  • Is It Worth It? If you are really sure with the granite countertop make sure that you have enough funds for it because it is one of the highest valued countertops on the market. Consider also the installation in your budget because it is also pricey. So make sure that only the best granite countertop installers Potomac will do the works for you because one mistake in installation can mean re-doing the whole thing all over again.

The Choice is still Yours

So if you think that the granite mineral countertop is really what you wanted for your beloved kitchen, then go ahead and let the remodeling begin. No price of any material can match the happiness and contentment you and your family can possibly have.

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