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How Long Do Home Appliances Last And How To Maintain Them

Ideally, everyone wants their appliances to last forever. That is primarily because appliances aren’t a cheap investment that you’ll be able to make every other year. But in reality, appliances do break down and you have to call up an appliance repair service for repairs, and also a time comes when you have to replace them with a new and better appliances. But your appliances might also need proper maintenance from time to time to work properly.

Lifespan of Common Household Appliances

While it is true that some appliances stay alive for much longer then they’re intended to, and some break down way too early, there is still a suggested age of every appliance by the manufacturer. Here are the lifespans of some of the most commonly used appliances in our homes.

  • Dryer 15 years
  • Microwave 10 years
  • Dishwasher 10 years
  • Refrigerator 15 years
  • Cooking range 15 to 20 years
  • Washer 15 years

Remember the fact we mentioned above, some appliances outlast their recommended age, while others might break down earlier than expected. However, early breakdown usually happens due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Things To Consider Before Replacing An Appliance

Just before I swing that an appliance is broken, and needs replacement, you can do yourself a favor by taking a look at some of the factors mentioned below.

  1. First of all, see if the appliance is really broken or just needs repair. For this, you can use the troubleshooting manual that came with the appliance. A quick google search might also work. See if you’re using the appliance in the wrong way.
  2. If an appliance frequently breaks down but requires a small fix every time to restore its normal activity, you can keep trusting this appliance instead of investing is one that isn’t guaranteed to work.
  3. If a repair is inevitable, you can get a realistic estimate of the expected cost of repair.
  4. After analyzing the cost of repair, see if getting the appliance replaced would work better than getting it replaced. That’ll primarily depend on the cost of your new appliance.
  5. Remember to add all the installation and delivery costs when analyzing the cost of the new appliance.
  6. Another important question. Will the new alliance save you some energy? Or will it add to the bill?
  7. Some eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances might also come with a tax benefit. You’ll also have to know those benefits when considering the whole cost.

How To Properly Maintain Your Household Appliances?

Hate spending a fortune on an appliance replacement every year? Well, proper maintenance is the only way to help increase the lifespan of an appliance. Here is a brief list of some of the major appliances in your house and how you can properly maintain them.


For starters, never place your TV in an area that occasionally gets hotter as compared to the rest of the house. Heat isn’t the best thing for your TV and all the sophisticated components inside it. Additionally, you can decrease the brightness of your TV to keep the light emitters working for a long time.

Watching Machine

In a washing machine, the water hose is one fragile component that can get damaged and it might develop holes inside it. So, makes sure the frequently check the water hose of your washing machine and leaks might cause flooding. The average age of a hose is 5 years, after which it needs to be changed to prevent any problems.

Overloading is one of the main reasons why washing machines break down way earlier than they’re expected. Clean the washing machine (ideally after every washing session) to keep it free of any damaging elements.


Buying a high-efficiency refrigerator is always a bad choice, as they can increase energy consumption in your house. So, you better invest in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient refrigerator and maintain it properly to keep the energy consumption low. Check the seals of the doors and keep an eye on the gasket to make sure everything is working properly.


Dishwater can stand a lot of abuse, but you should still invest some time into cleaning your dishwasher after every few months. Especially, keep the spray arm nozzles clean and open to get a constant quantity of water. It’s recommended to use a dishwasher repair Springfield service every year to ensure good performance.

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