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Why Add A Heat Pump To Your Existing Heating System

You may already have an HVAC system or a gas furnace for heating your house in the winter. But to save energy costs, you may be considering adding a heat pump by hiring heat pump repair services. Is it a good solution and why it should be done? Let’s discuss it!

Reduce Heating Costs

Your existing heating system such as a gas furnace will be connected to the air ducts that heat the whole house. But if you use one part of the house more and don’t need to worry about the rest of the house, you can install a ductless heat pump in that room or space.

This is a surefire way of saving up on heating costs because you won’t be using the furnace to heat the entire house, instead, the heat pump will be efficiently heating the required space only.

Moreover, this strategy doesn’t have any drawbacks because when a situation requires you to have the whole house warm, revert to the furnace for the job.

Heat Any Space On Demand

Gas or oil furnaces are reliable heating systems for houses in winter, but most of them aren’t connected to some parts of the house like attics, basements, garden rooms, and newly added spaces.

You can consider extending the existing heating system, but the space to add is much, it may affect the overall heating performance of the furnace. So, a better option is to use a ducted or ductless heat pump for heating or cooling these parts of your home.

Connect The Heat Pump To Ductwork

If you want your heat pump to work as a central heating unit just like your existing one, you can have a contractor connect the heat pump to the ductwork that’s connected to your furnace or the other heating system.

This saves installation costs and you can switch to any heating system you desire that works best in the situation. Moreover, you don’t need indoor handling units as well because your heat pump will blow air from the air ducts just as your furnace.

Moreover, in case you want the heat pump for spaces that aren’t connected to the ductwork but also require the heat pump to work as a central heating system, go for a mixed ducted setup.

Integrated Controls For Hybrid Heating

When you have connected your heat pump with the central heating, with integrated controls, you can set when the heat pump heats the house and which temperature turns on the old heating method.

For example; let’s say your heat pump warms up the house effectively when the temperature is above -10 F. But don’t heat the house well when the temperature is below that level. So, you can set up through the integrated controls to switch off the heat pump and turn on the furnace when the temperature outside drops below -10 F.

This switching between two heating systems saves you energy costs because heat pumps are efficient in heating houses when it’s cold outside, but for freezing temperatures, it works overtime and costs more. Moreover, in freezing temperatures, a furnace warms up a house more quickly and efficiently.

Suitable For Regions Where The Temperature Goes From Hot To Cold

In places where the majority of the year is cold, a furnace will be cost-effective because you’ll b installing only one heating system and due to the freezing temperatures, it is the best heating option.

But in places where the temperature is hot enough to need an air conditioner in summer and cold enough in winter to need a heating system, using a heat pump is preferred. Furthermore, the use of only the heat pump is not recommended if the temperature in winter goes below the freezing point. This is why hybrid heating systems are preferred by homeowners.

Heat Pumps Are Better For Dry Skins

If the heat from gas furnaces makes your skin dry, consider installing a heat pump that uses electricity to warm your house and doesn’t cause the skin to dry.


A hybrid heating system keeps your house warm in winter along with keeping your heating costs much lower than a single heating system. Consult HVAC companies huntington to learn more and install the right heating units.

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