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How To Install Marble Countertops In Your Kitchen

Installation of kitchen countertops is a tedious task. Today, we will be talking about all of the nitty-gritty that goes into countertop replacement with a marble counter for your kitchen. To find out how, keep on reading.

Installing Marble Countertops

The different steps involved in the installation of marble kitchen countertops are as follows.

Measurements Are Key

Measurement is one of the most important aspects when it comes to installing any surface be it marble, quartz or granite countertop. This is where a lot of people go wrong and the wrong measurements can turn out to be a disaster. You need to be super slow and precise in this step. You cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to measuring your countertops for the right dimensions, which is mainly the thickness, length and width of the countertop.

Make sure you are taking your time when measuring these parameters, because this will be the determining factor if your marble material will fit on your countertops or not. All you need to measure your countertops is a measuring tape in centimeters or inches.

Also, make sure your measuring tape is laid straight against the kitchen countertop, because the countertop can only be measured correctly this way. If there is a bulge or sag in the tape, then the measurement will be wrong. So make sure that you are measuring the countertop correctly. You can even look up videos on how to properly measure your countertops, if you are hesitant or unsure.

Removing The Old Countertops

This tip goes without saying. To install a new countertop, you need to remove your old and existing ones first. After measuring the old countertops and their respective dimensions, you should remove the existing countertops. This will reveal the surface of the countertops, on which the marble will be seated. This is a very important thing to do because you cannot install new countertops on top of the existing ones. This will look very unpleasant and undone. Removing old countertops is easy. All you need is a scraper to remove the adhesive and the countertop should come off easily.

Make Sure The Marble Fits

After cutting the marble slab and removing the old countertops, now is the time to do a fitting test. Lay your marble directly on top of the countertop. You need to see if the dimensions are right and if the countertop fits properly or not. This is known as a dry fit. The reason why is because there is no adhesive applied on the surface to stick the marble. This is done solely to make sure that the marble is fitting the surface.

Glue It Up

The next step is the gluing of the marble on top of the kitchen shelves. You can use any adhesive that you want. There are great industrial grade adhesives with different strengths. Apply the glue directly on the surface of the kitchen shelf and place the marble slab on top of it. If you want to maneuver the marble at any point, now is the time, because the adhesive is still wet and you can easily move the slab around until the adhesive dries.

Waiting Game

The next step is the waiting game. You need to wait for the adhesive to dry completely. Ideally you need to let the glue sit uninterrupted for about a whole day, before you can do anything further. The drying time varies for different adhesives. Some need more or less time to dry.

Give The Countertop A Wipe Down

After the adhesive has dried, now you can wipe down the marble surface. The reason why you need to clean the countertop after installing, is because there might be some debris or dirt on the surface and it needs to be removed before the countertop can be used. Simply, clean it with a wet washcloth and soap and water.

There you go! Now you know how to install marble kitchen countertops in your kitchen. If you are still unsure if you can install the material by yourself, then by all means, you can get in contact with a marble countertop Durham NC installation company and they will help you out. By just paying a small amount, you can get the countertop installed professionally.

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