How To Create A Review Management Strategy

The internet has become a global business village. Every day, millions of products and services are sold to customers around the world. This makes it important for online businesses to come up with a review management strategy. As simple as it may sound, a review management strategy goes a long way in terms of determining what customers think of you and how you should respond so you get to generate reviews and a positive perception of your business. So, let’s take a look at some important review management strategy tips that will help you keep one step ahead in the game.

Show Your Presence Through Public Profiles

Creating public profiles is the first step in creating a review management strategy. You will only be noticed by your potential customers and given reviews if you are visible to them on public platforms. This is why businesses around the world have social media profiles nowadays.

That said, you should make profiles on platforms that allow customers to pen down their reviews. Furthermore, having a public profile also communicates that you are authentic and valid to your customers.

Therefore, find as many review sites out there and make a profile. Fill in the important information and let people know what they think about you.

Monitor Your Reputation

The next important step is monitoring your reputation. Every business has a reputation, be it good or bad. The whole point here is to hear what people have to say about you and then respond. But first, you need to listen. This means that you will need to find out where people mostly prefer talking about you.

For instance, if you own a restaurant or a bar, you will find people usually giving reviews on Google. Whereas, if you own a trip company, people would like to leave reviews on relevant platforms where tourism and trips are mostly talked about. Similarly, if you sell products, you will need to keep an eye on popular online retailers out there.

Devise A Response Plan

There is nothing better than hearing and keeping track of what people have to say about you. However, the next step is what makes the entire difference and that is the way you respond. The thing about running a business, especially an online business is that you will come across a variety of reviews.

While the good ones will surely make your day but the bad ones will get the most out of you. But this is where you need to be polite and hear them out. If you are a small organization, then it is better to handle the comments on your own but if you are a larger organization, you will need to hand over the responsibility to someone from the marketing team.

Keep in mind that negative comments should be dealt with care. Even if you have hundreds of positive reviews in your cap, just a single inappropriate response to a negative comment can put a dent in your reputation. Therefore, you need to devise a plan to ensure each comment is treated separately.

Build On The Positive And Follow The Results

As a business, you should not ignore bad comments. The same goes for positive ones as well. Responding to positive reviews pays off in terms of encouraging other customers to highlight their thoughts. The best way to do that is by interacting with your customers. When customers are heard, they are willing to go beyond their comfort zone to suggest you to their friends and family members.

At the same time, you should also ask for reviews. You can send them for their review through emails, text messages, etc. But do not force them. Simply tell your customers what their review would mean for their business. This way, they will automatically feel inclined to pen down their thoughts.

And remember, never forget to thank your customers when they leave a positive review. Even though most businesses only prefer responding to bad reviews, your business’s reputation solely depends on positive criticism. Therefore, you should look after them.


In the end, devising a review management strategy can be a bit tricky but very helpful. You will need to keep a track of what your customers think about you so that you can cover your gaps as soon as possible. If nothing else, employ white label review management software and the right team to handle the reviews on your behalf and make sure your customers are always heard of.

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