How to repair your kitchen appliances

People often call professional services for everything, and while they are very useful, sometimes doing the work on your own can provide more benefits. The same can be said for repairing home appliances. Appliance repair on your own saves you a lot of money, time and it even allows you to extend the life of the appliances. If you want to repair your home appliances yourself but you are not sure how to do that, the following tips will help you with that.

Before getting started, make sure you wear your protective gear and unplug any appliance you are going to repair. Also make sure that you check the basic settings first before moving on to more complex, repair issues. Check the power settings, see if the appliance is plugged in and working etc. Another important thing is that if you do not have the right tools to repair any appliance, you will not be able to do it. You will need to buy a full tool kit to repair any appliance and if the repair costs are expensive, it is better to replace the appliance with a new one.

Check the moving parts

The moving parts of any kitchen appliance are prone to wear and tear or malfunction. When you start repairing any appliance, look at their moving parts first. This includes fans, motors etc. Make sure they are working properly. If the moving parts are making a lot of noise, or an odd noise you did not hear when you first bought the appliance, chances are they are malfunctioning. Fans can be easily replaced. However, motors are not only expensive, but they are also harder to repair or replace.

Check the wiring

If you have already checked the moving parts and everything seems to be working properly there, it is time to check the wiring. Often when the appliances are not working properly, it is due to a problem in the wiring. The question is that how do you check the wiring of any appliance? There is a tool for that. You need to check if the wiring is getting proper voltage. The tool that checks that is called a multimeter.

If you do not already have it, you may need to buy it because it is extremely important in repairing the wiring of any appliance. A multimeter measure the voltage as well as other signals which indicate if the wiring is working properly or not. It also allows you to figure out which wire, or components are not working properly. Before checking the wiring, make sure to take every precautionary measure to keep yourself safe. Then use a multimeter to check the faults in different electrical components.

Check ignition process and hoses

Gas powered appliances work on ignition processes while appliances like dishwasher or washing machine rely upon hoses. Check both of these things in the appliances. While checking the ignition process, verify the pilot is on and that nothing is blocked off by debris or soot. While checking hoses, make sure they are not damaged or leaking, and are properly attached to the appliance. Replace what needs to be replaced and repair what can be fixed.


Repairing appliances is a tough job. There is a lot you need to check, and each appliance has a different mechanism. Sometimes it is better to replace the entire appliance instead of repairing it. Check the 50% rule to know when you should replace the appliance. Keep in mind to wear protective gear and take every precautionary measure to keep yourself safe. Lastly, getting help from commercial appliance repair Alexandria companies is a much safer choice.


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