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7 Best Countertops For Busy Kitchens

The most important part of your kitchen is the countertop. You must be thinking that stove should be important and it completes the purpose of the kitchen that is cooking. But the prep of all the cooking and meals is done on the countertop. Your countertop goes through the most wear and tear, dirt and moisture, especially busy kitchens such as commercial kitchens or kitchens with big families. That is the reason you need the best countertop for your kitchen such as granite kitchen countertops, which gives aesthetics plus durability. Listed below are the attributes of the best countertops for busy kitchens.

Granite Countertops

Granite tops the list because the most durable of all the countertops. Granite should be your top choice if expense is not an issue. Once it used to be very expensive and was only used by royals, but now the costs have decreased but still it is the most expensive. Granite is very strong and durable and completely heat, scratch and stain resistant. It comes in thousands of colors and design and adds a touch of class to your kitchen. The only drawback is that it needs to be sealed regularly to make it completely maintenance free.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another countertop that comes with a high price tag. It is also very durable but a bit softer than granite. It is a very beautiful stone that come in different patterns and veins. Due to its nature, each piece of marble will be unique. It is water and heat proof, but not scratch resistant. It requires regular sealing to make it scratch and stain resistant as it is a porous material. Always use a cutting board and not cut directly on a marble countertop.

Soapstone Countertops

This is now being used as an alternative to Granite as it is hard and durable natural strong. However, soapstone does not come in many designs but is mostly of a dark gray color which darkens more over the years. Soapstone is naturally a non-porous material so it doesn’t require sealants. It is perfectly heat resistant. But it is not scratch resistant and may show knife marks and cuts, but it actually adds to its aesthetic factor. These cuts and scratches can be fixed through sanding. It should be preserved with mineral oil to maintain its beauty and texture.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is not a natural stone but an engineered stone. People have now shifted towards engineered stones for their countertops from natural stones due to many factors. Quartz can be customized in any shape and size and because it is customized, each slab will be uniform without any imperfection. It comes in many colors and designs to choose form and can even imitate the look of natural stone. Quartz is formed with 93% quartz and 7% other minerals and stones. It is a highly durable and heavy material. It is best for your busy kitchens as it is a non-porous material, hence completely resistant to stains and scratches. It is also heat resistant and very low maintenance and does not require regular sealants.

Concrete Countertops

Another countertop material gaining popularity is concrete. This is not the concrete which is found on pavements but rather a concrete specially used for countertops. It is a hard and a very durable material which is heat resistant and also scratch resistant. It comes in a variety of colors and designs and you can be creative by adding bits of glass, marble and stones. However, concrete countertop is a costly material and needs regular sealants to become low maintenance.

Wood Countertops

It is popularly known as butcher block. It adds warmth to your kitchen and is a hard and heat resistant surface. However it is a porous material and may also show knife and cut marks so maintenance is required.

Glass Countertops

A rather exotic material used for countertops is glass. It adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen and is not expensive. Glass countertops are stain, heat, cut and scratch resistant. It is easy to clean and maintain, but you should take care because it is glass and high heat and rough use may cause cracks in it.

You can choose the countertop which is best for considering how busy your kitchen is and the pros and cons of each countertop. The best recommendation however are granite and quartz kitchen countertops NC.

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