A wedding event is a very important, overwhelming and big occasion of your life. A grand and luxury wedding party is a dream of everyone. Wedding party rentals play a major role in your wedding reception. Don’t feel panic, if you’re planning your big day. Here are some tips for you to arrange your perfect wedding party:-

Making a budget for your reception

You should make an overall budget for your wedding party.  The reception venue, dress, number of guests, and menu of food will provide you a more accurate estimate of the cost.  You can arrange your wedding event on a small budget by selecting a suitable venue. Make a flexible budget and stick to it.

Pick a perfect location

Select an indoor or outdoor location for your event according to season. While an outdoor wedding party is more attractive. A garden, lakeside, orchard, historical place, and rooftop are some outdoor locations for your event. For an indoor wedding party, you may choose a wedding hall and a house with a wood interior.

Prepare a guest list

Preparing a guest list is a time-consuming and crucial part of your wedding event. Sit down with your parents, sisters, brothers, and more important with your partner. Decide and make a list of wedding guests.

Select an ideal food menu

Some classic and traditional food menu is perfect for your wedding day. The food menu should be unique and delightful whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner. A wedding cake must be included in your menu.

Some food menus are vegetable salad, couscous salad, fried chicken, waffles and chicken, taco bar with fajita, grilled chicken with cherry tomatoes, and spring green salad with a cocktail drink. Some event planners have also offer catering services.

Choose a spectacular theme

You can choose a specific theme with the decoration of flowers and balloons according to your taste.  Select a color scheme with seasonal style or you can ask help from a florist for decorating your venue. Moreover, create a music list that vibes perfect for your wedding party.

Seating arrangements for the party

The size and shape of tables are important for classy reception. Organize your guests in the shape of groups. The bride and groom will be sitting at the center table or stage. Parents and close family relatives can sit together.

Placing a card at the entrance of the party with the table number and guest name is the most traditional way to organize your wedding day.

Buy a glorious wedding dress

Visit some famous boutiques and select a dreamy gown with the best color scheme on your big day. Don’t feel nervous when you’re buying your wedding attire and choose a dress wisely.

Invitations time

Select suitable dates and days, usually Saturday and Sunday for your wedding. Send invitations to people who you want to invite.

Transportation and accommodation

Arrange accommodation for your guests who lived in other cities and select a nearby hotel. Don’t forget to organize transport for guests and yourselves.

Hire a photographer

Hire a professional photographer on your big day for clicking extraordinary pictures and create memories at your wedding party. Click a big picture at the end of the event.

 Eat, smile and fun on your big day

Don’t forget to eat your wedding food. Keep smiling and enjoy the moments with enthusiasm and say thank you to all the guests.


We are hopeful that these all tips are beneficial for you to arrange your wedding event. Furthermore, you may seek help from professional wedding planners and they will provide you best wedding tent rental packages Northern VA for your outdoor events. The event management team will help you to make your day memorable and special.

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