What Are The Types And Uses Of A Bulldozer

Bulldozers are heavy machines that are designed for digging, pushing, leveling materials, and excavating soil at a work site. There are commonly available with crane for rent services. These machines typically feature large, heavy blades that push materials. Depending on the features, bulldozers can be divided into different types. Let’s discuss!

Types Of Bulldozer

Crawler Bulldozer

A crawler bulldozer due to its resemblance to a tractor is mostly referred to as a track bulldozer. These types are built to move materials from one area to another. In addition to that, the bulldozers come with tracts that offer great traction on dense and irregular terrain. Meanwhile, large crawlers come with rippers that clear and crush dense terrain.

Wheel Bulldozer

Wheel bulldozers are compared to crawler bulldozers are relatively larger in size. Wheel bulldozers are also sometimes called tire bulldozers. While a crawler bulldozer comes with tracks, a wheel bulldozer comes with tires, which offers better maneuverability and overall handling. Additionally, it also features an articulated hydraulic steering system and moves on a smaller axis. Finally, due to the tires installed, these machines can easily move on sensitive or soft ground.

Mini Bulldozer

Mini bulldozer or compact bulldozer is meant for projects that require more versatility and maneuverability. Such bulldozers are ideal for small projects or projects where space is slightly limited. Therefore, when it comes to grading and clearing lots, mini bulldozers are an ideal choice.

How Do Bulldozers Work?

What most people are not aware of is that bulldozers are actually classified as a tractor. The difference between a farm tractor and a bulldozer is due to the metal plate that is installed in the front. However, similar to a tractor, bulldozers are designed to push huge amounts of debris including rocks, dirt, and bricks.

Another main difference between a tractor and a bulldozer is the addition of tracks. While tractors come with tires, bulldozers have tracks that allow better traction.

What Can A Bulldozer Be Used For?

We often come across bulldozers tearing down buildings with the help of their massive claws. This reason is enough for people to believe that bulldozers are just used for demolition purposes. However, there are several other uses as well such as earthmoving. The front blade of the machine digs into the dirt and lifts soil, sand, and dirt.

There is a reason bulldozers are used for construction projects. Before construction can begin, it is important that the natural vegetation be removed. Therefore, instead of employing labor for the process, a bulldozer can sweep the entire area in one take. And while bulldozers are used to clear vegetation, they can also be used to level roads for the project to complete successfully.

Why Use A Bulldozer?

Like most heavy-duty cranes, bulldozers are designed to make construction projects and ultimately our lives easier. Bulldozers are mostly used by industries that require the moving of huge amounts of materials. With that said, industries like civil engineering, farming, home renovation, and demolition use bulldozers.

Even though the design has remained more or less the same over the years, improvements and modifications have surely been made to increase the efficiency and applications of the machines. Perhaps, the biggest addition to the world of bulldozers is remote-operated variants.

This allows the operators to control the machine from a safe distance. In addition to that, contractors do not have to ask for permits to carry out jobs, which otherwise can be dangerous.

How To Choose A Bulldozer?

When it comes to choosing a bulldozer there are several factors you need to consider. The first being you have to identify your purpose. The type you choose depends on the type of work you need it for. Then comes analyzing the site. If the construction site happens to be tight and limited in terms of space, you will need a compact or mini-bulldozer. Finally, it comes down to the terrain type. If the terrain happens to be soft, you will need a bulldozer with tires and not tracks that can easily sink.

Final Word

This blog aimed to take a detailed look at the different types of bulldozers along with their features and uses. There is no doubt that bulldozers offer several benefits but before you go to crane rentals VA, you need to analyze the construction site, identify your needs, and inspect the terrain. This way, you avoid wasting time and money.

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