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Which AC Refrigerant Should I Use

Every air conditioner utilizes a specific type of AC refrigerant to produce cool air. If another type is used, it will lead to compressor failure. However, replacing the AC refrigerant is not a complicated process but the damage it can cause is expensive. So, if you are not able to determine what AC refrigerant your air conditioning unit uses, you should ask an air conditioner repair service or give this blog a read.

What Is An AC Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a chemical compound made by humans. Back in the day, refrigerants were not as safe as they are today and resulted in the loss of human lives. However, with the passage of time, refrigerant gasses were made safer and environmentally friendly.

In addition to that, refrigerants are used in refrigerators, freezers, and ACs. They play a huge role in the cooling process of these items. Since there are slight variations in the market today, consumers tend to remain confused about what to use.

What Are Chlorofluorocarbons?

Chlorofluorocarbons or CFC refrigerants were sold by the name Freon. However, before Freon introduced these refrigerants, air cooling systems used toxic and flammable refrigerants like ammonia and sulfur dioxide. As a result, in the 1920s, a team of chemists got to work to introduce a new, safer variant of the refrigerant. As a result, CFCs were invented and given the name Freon Gas.

What Are Hydrochlorofluorocarbons?

HCFCs are a variation of CFCs. These include Hydrogen along with three other essential CFC elements, fluorine, chlorine, and carbon. However, they are very different from each other. HCFCs as compared to CFCs tend to remain in the atmosphere for a shorter amount of time and carry a much shorter ozone-depletion potential.

Why Is R-410A Refrigerant Better Than Others?

Since its introduction, the R-410A refrigerant has been comparatively more popular than its counterparts for several reasons. First, the R-410A functions at a higher pressure. Secondly, the compressors are able to withstand a significant amount of vibration, leading to a longer lifespan. And finally, the most important factor, it isn’t harmful for the ozone layer.

Knowing Which Refrigerant Your Air Conditioner Requires

As mentioned earlier, different manufacturers use different refrigerants for their air conditioners and HVAC systems. Therefore, if you have a unit that uses a refrigerant near to phase out, you should consider replacing the unit or replacing the refrigerant.

Additionally, you can easily find out the type of refrigerant your AC uses by consulting the user’s manual. Plus, the units also have the same mentioned on the front or at the sides, depending on the model.

What If My AC Unit Uses Freon?

It depends. If it was manufactured before 2010, you can continue to have it serviced. However, you should also keep in mind that refrigerants close to phase out are expensive to claim and recycle. Not every company out there accepts and recovers such refrigerants for further use.

Mostly, people are not able to replace Freon gas with another. This is especially the case with newer models. If they are using a particular type of refrigerant, they will not run on any other type. Therefore, you should consult a professional on the matter to be sure.

Can I Upgrade An AC Unit That Uses Freon?

Upgrading an AC unit that uses Freon is an expensive option. However, newer models tend to last longer and leave a smaller carbon footprint. At the same time, due to advanced technology and features, you will end up saving electricity costs as well.

Therefore, replacing the Freon ac unit with a new one is going to be the best option. It may cost you a lot of money, but think about the savings in the long run.

Final Word

Concluding, your air conditioning unit should only use the refrigerant type specified by the manufacturer of your air conditioner. If someone tells you otherwise, contact the manufacturer directly through phone or social media. The R-410A happens to be the most popular amongst newer models. It is safer and causes less harm to the environment. Moreover, hire an HAC repair service Huntington for filling refrigerant in your air conditioner to avoid overfilling or leakage problems. It is a sensitive job and should be performed by experts.

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