How To Handle Negative Feedback About Your Spa

With the help of a good review management system, you can handle the bad reviews and negative feedback from customers of your spa. More tips are given below.

Respond to Feedback

Handling negative feedback can be challenging for the people running spas and salons. However, it is not impossible. The companies should be quick to respond to the negative reviews. Listen to the customers and what issues they have. Communicate to them and try to solve their problems. This will surely help convince the users change their mind.

Address Customer Issues

It is imperative to figure out what went wrong with the customer for leaving a bad review. The cause must be identified otherwise you will not be able to prevent negative feedback. If this is happening due to poor quality of service or sloppy marketing like talking about weight loss instead of perfect body. So you should know what’s the real reason behind the negative review.

Follow Through the Feedback

When you are getting negative reviews, you should not hesitate to follow on the problem. Customers should be approached through proper channels. They must be talked in a sensible manner. Let them share their experience and offer condolences for what went wrong. Offer them better options and let them enjoy your service again without any charges.

Get Positive Reviews

It has been noticed that when negative reviews are not stopping, the only solution is to counter them with positive reviews. However, this is a rare case. As you get a bad review, you should cover it up with a good one. Encourage customers to leave reviews and rate the services. You will definitely get some positive reviews.

Improve Your Services

Most of the time, customers have issues with the service. It is the major reason why they write a negative review. The real reason should be fixed and that is the service. So you have got to be serious with your services otherwise it will remain an issue and you will not be able to get any more customers.

Focus on Customer Experience

Another good idea to handle the negative reviews is to improve customer experience. Nowadays, not many brands are sincere when it comes to improving their services. So you should focus on this area and let the customers enjoy better services. This will definitely come in handy to attract positive review writers.

Offer Promotions and Deals

There are a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of negative reviews and managing them. Brand should think about new ideas and innovative options. The one great idea to counter it is to offer promotions and new deals. Customers will be attracted. They may forget the review department and become your customer and give you positive reviews.

Request Users to Update Reviews

When you have solved the customer issues, request them to update the review and make sure it does not hurt brand image and reputation. Most of the customers after getting issues resolved respond and update the reviews. It will save you from using a review management system.

Make Sure Negative Reviews Are Genuine

It is very important to make sure the negative reviews are genuine. Sometimes, your competitors may leave bad reviews to hurt your brand’s image. So you have to find out the reason behind it. This will also help solve the real issues.

Don’t Remove the Review

If you have a review filter, you may want to remove negative reviews. However, you shouldn’t do it. A spa with all positive reviews is suspicious to people. Why? Because according to a study, a business with all positive reviews seems fake to people. So a negative review among 20 positive ones actually makes those positive reviews look genuine.

User Review Management Software

Nowadays, many spas are using review request software for managing reviews from their customers. It gives the freedom to know what exactly is going on with review monitoring. It also helps you broadcast your reviews to the world for brand awareness and to get the attention of more customers. Also, review management tools help you collect more reviews by creating a targeted review marketing campaign. This will make more customers leave reviews which will in turn help your spa get more exposure.

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