Pet Allergies: How To Avoid It

You lovable and cuddly pets depend so much on. In fact, they don’t expect anything in return of their loyalty and unconditional love. That is why it hurts so much for some pet parents to find out that they have allergies to pets after an allergy testing because this could mean that they should give up being a pet parent or hand over their four-legged family members to someone who can better take care of them.

But why will you wait for that event to happen if you can control and avoid it?

There are many ways to keep yourself having pet allergies and being attacked by it. So there is no reason for you to stop being a pet parent because there are easy ways for you to ward off any threats of allergies.

What Causes Your Allergies?

An allergy is your body’s overreaction to allergens that are actually harmless like seasonal allergies, food allergies, and allergies that involves nature – pets are part of it too.

Studies actually show a significant percentage of people who are allergic to pets – in general. While some pet owners refused to give up their pets even if their doctors have already advised them to do so.

What Causes Humans To Be Allergic To Pets?

You may be unaware that the protein that is secreted by pets through their dander and saliva is causing the allergic reaction which obviously does not apply to everyone. These allergens are sticky particles that cling on the fur, which transfers to mattresses, drapes, clothing, and even beddings – basically the place your four-legged housemates loves to hang around.

Again, you don’t have to say goodbye to your cuddly friend/s and no one is insinuating that you should do it because just like humans they deserve a loving home and family. So instead of attempting to let them go, why not do these helpful tips on how you can successfully control your pet allergies or even acquire it?


  • Since allergens stick on various surfaces cloths appear to be their favorite spot which is harder to clean. Here are some suggestions to create an allergen-free home:
    • If you can replace your existing carpet with laminated flooring or hardwood as well as your curtains and drapes with blinds or shutters it would lessen the allergens hiding place.
    • If you can’t get rid of your carpet have them professionally cleaned twice a year – the least.
    • Go with leather sofas rather than couches covered with fabric, or cover your fabric seats with plastic instead to prevent allergens from penetrating into the fabric.


  • Frequent vacuuming is the key, but you don’t just vacuum it, you should be using a HEPA filter together with it to eliminate allergens hiding around your turf. Make sure also that your vacuum is capable of trapping allergens rather than sending them back into the air and fly around your home. After you clean your interior with the right vacuum, empty it outside and straight to your outdoor garbage bin.


  • Notice how soft and fluffy your pet’s fur feels after you bath them? That’s because all the filth and dirt has been washed off and that includes the allergens. Regular baths remove the dander (dead skin flakes) from your furry friends’ skin which potentially eliminates allergens. Vets recommend a weekly bath, but still, make a vet visit to determine what’s safe for your pet and you. There are certain dog shampoos that can irritate and dry your pet’s skin, so be really careful in purchasing their grooming kits.


  • As often as possible, take your dog or cat outside and brush their furs – they love that part. Now, if you are allergic, wear a mask or have a non-allergic family member to do the brushing or take them to your nearest grooming clinic.


  • You should treat your pet’s bed the same way as you treat your own bed – keeping them clean. Because your pets love to slouch and sleep, their beds can be a haven for allergens so washing them often is a must. Replacing them after a few months is also a brilliant idea while you can donate your used pet beds to local pet or animal shelters for homeless cats and dogs can use those comfy bedding.

If you really love your pets, you shouldn’t easily give up on them just because you have or can potentially have pet allergies. Drop by your allergy clinic Manassas and make a consultation on how to prevent from having such allergies for you to freely take care of your pets. You see, you should never take your four-legged friends for granted because they only have very limited time to spend with you. So make the most out of the time you can be with them because you just don’t know how much they appreciate it.

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