Ways To Sleep And Rest During Pregnancy

Sleep is the best rest you can give yourself, especially after your daily grind or after running errands the whole day. Sometimes if you just wanted to relax and free yourself from all the stress, sleep is your best escape. However, it does not easily apply to everyone, especially those who are expectant moms or those moms-to-be, why? Because they’re experiencing pregnancy insomnia or just having a hard time to sleep because of position issues. Pregnant women find it hard to be at their most comfortable position when in bed. Abortion clinics also encourage pregnant women who have a high risk of getting a miscarriage or forced abortion to get as much rest as possible every single day.

There are sleeping positions which every Moms-to-be should try and get used to because this is the safest for both you and your little human.


Lying on your back as your belly keeps growing should be avoided, why? Because the weight of your uterus will add pressure to your back muscles, spine, and blood vessels. Not only that, but it may also cause the following:

  • Hemorrhoids, muscle aches, swelling, and pains.
  • Can make you dizzy every time you sit or stand up and can make your blood pressure unstable.
  • As you slowly gain weight, it can also cause you to snore as you sleep and may lead to sleep apnea.

You may have read or heard this suggestion from the Internet or a caregiver that it is best for pregnant women to sleep on the left side rather on the right side. But you are free to take turns from side to side, depending on which side you are most comfortable with.


Try To Avoid Napping

  • During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will likely feel that sleepy head of yours luring you to sleep or nap. But doing so will make it harder for you to sleep at night, so try to avoid it as much as possible. It’s just like snacking before your actual meal, it ditches away your appetite.
  • Rather than napping during the day, sleep an hour earlier from your bedtime. Based on a study, women who are used to less than 6 hours sleep, especially during the pregnancy stage, will lead to a higher risk of being in C-section and more hours to deal with labor. So forget about your favorite TV series or that report you are working on and invest more in getting more healthy sleep.

Practice A Better Way To Deal With Anxiety And Stress

  • According to research, anxiety and stress are psychological factors that can greatly affect pregnancy and contributes to labor complications. When a woman is exhausted the more her muscles get tired too. Although it’s inevitable that expectant moms would have a lot of thoughts in their mind and have a handful of concerns and worries, these are the reasons why they’re still up till 2 am and will eventually make it harder for their muscles to work during delivery.
  • It would help if you open up your concerns with your husband or a trusted friend or a therapist to help you unload those things bugging your thoughts and to help you deal with your anxiety. Try also to do yoga, prayer, and meditation, which are all proven to help your mental and emotional troubles. By doing so, you will just find yourself calmer and going through a safe labor.

Hoard Pillows

  • By the time you’ve reached your third trimester, the more you will feel the need for additional comfort. Start purchasing a body pillow, then smaller pillows for added support and comfort. Pregnant women have their own preferred positions or where they wanted to place their pillows, so suit yourself and make use of all the pillows that you have.

Don’t Mind The Dreams

  • There are reported cases where some moms-to-be experienced terrible dreams that their baby is in danger or is having a threat. Though dreams are normal, a mother’s instinct is to protect the little ones inside their womb and if you happen to experience one, don’t let it linger and stay positive and go back to your sleep.

There are still a lot of sleeping positions for pregnant women and choosing the best position is basically all up to you. You can always ask your gynecology clinic DC about the proper ways of resting and sleeping so you would not suffer any difficulty during labor and delivery.

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