Back Pain Issues? Try Sports

Sports and exercise, in general, can improve the well-being of a person. It strengthens and tones each and every muscle of the body and can heal any back issues. Which is why any spine and back doctors recommend their patients to engage in sports, exercise or any physical activities which they approve and suggests.

Your Spine and Back needs to Move

Basketball superstars, Football players, Baseball hotties, Volleyball MVPs and other sports celebrities and personalities have experienced being injured before and during a game. Some have even undergone serious and major operations just to fix an injury. This is the same case with people who have injured their back and spine due to slips or major accidents.

But whatever reason that may have caused your back pain issues, the bottom line is that you will no longer be able to do most of your physical activities like you’ve used to before. You now have limited movements and physical engagements. Notice that word “limited”? It means that you are still capable of doing some physical activities, even sports, but it should not put too much pressure on your back or any injured part of your body. Most especially if it’s the muscles or bones that were damaged, your doctor or therapist will definitely not allow you.

Your body needs to move and so as your back and spine. But you have to be aware and guided as to what kind of sports or exercise you are entitled to. Protect your back or any injury you previously had, that’s what you have to do first.

Don’t Let it Stop You

The main goal is to get your back and spine strong and stable again. And that can only happen after your doctor or therapist determines the appropriate action that your body can handle and at the same time will keep you and your back safe.

Don’t let that pain stop you.

During the phase of your back injury recovery and if you have previous back issues, have your medical practitioner approve the activity or exercise that you are planning to do first. Bear in mind that not all sports or physical exercises are for your spine. Allow your doctors provide you with a full recovery program. This aims to present you with the proper guidance and understanding of the types and level of the exercises or sports that are safe for your back to handle. Those activities should secure and restore your spine as it continues to recover.

Exercises that would condition your back are:

  • Movements that should warm the muscles gently
  • Movements that will encourage muscle flexibility
  • Movements that will not only strengthen the injured are but the inner core of your muscles too

Slowly engage yourself in these exercises to warm you up again. Getting back on track in a completely different direction and approach is like starting from the beginning again. The first is not always easy. But if you are really up for the challenge, nothing should stop you from trying. Treat it like baby steps. Do not push yourself too much. Just take every movement nice and slow eventually your body will absorb everything that is going on and the rest will follow. The slower the better because it’s safer. Allow your body to find its strength until it becomes completely equipped to take on another level of the routine. In that way, it can be prepared to protect your body before being involved in sports again.

Sports that Your Back Can and Cannot Handle

Avoid the following sports and movements:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Bicycling
  • Sit-ups
  • Leg-lifts
  • Toe touches

Why? Because the above-mentioned sports will make you jump, bend, twist, and execute routines that will force your entire body to be flexible. It will just place your spine and back in an unsafe situation.

While the safer sports and movements are:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Tia Chi
  • Skiing
  • Stretching
  • Safe warm-ups

Self-determination is the key to full recovery and whether you are planning to join any competition or just wanted to go back to your active routine again, see to it to have a regular visit to your back pain specialist McLean or therapist so they can also monitor your progress.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions

Just like your natural hair, you need to take care of your hair extensions. When you take care of the extensions, you not only ensure that they look good for long, you also ensure that they last for a long time. How you take care of the extensions depends on their type. Here is a guide on how to take care of the different types:

Caring for clip-in hair extensions

From their name, these are extensions that have been clipped into the hair, and you can easily remove them. One way of taking good care of them is to remove them before you go to bed. This not only protects the clip-in hair extensions from getting damaged, but it also prevents the tiny combs from digging into your scalp while you sleep.

When removing the pieces, you should remove them from the uppermost extensions then move to the middle and bottom ones.

Another thing you need to do is to wash the extensions regularly. For ideal results, experts recommend that you clean them once a month using gentle shampoo and conditioner. You can clean them by yourself or take them to a salon.

When cleaning them at home, take caution of the shampoo that you use. If the pieces are made from synthetic materials, use wig shampoo that is designed for synthetic fibers. On the other hand, if the extensions are made from real hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Caring for sewn-in extensions

Unlike the clip-ins, you can’t easily remove these ones from your head. One of the things you need to do to take good care of the pieces is to wash them regularly. For you to avoid damaging them when cleaning, you should always detangle them.

When doing it, use a wide-toothed comb, wig brush or special looper brush. For you to maintain the good look of the hair, you should wash the hair every other day using a gentle shampoo. You should use a bottle of shampoo that won’t damage your hair.

You need to take good care of the hair when you are sleeping. The best way of doing it is to wrap a silk scarf around your head before you head to sleep. When you do this you protect the extensions; thus you prevent them from getting tugged out or frizzy when you are sleeping.


You should avoid treating your hair with heat. This calls for you to avoid straightening or curling the hair. If you have to heat style the hair, ask the stylist working in the hair extensions salon to use a heat protecting spray.

What Makes Designer Sunglasses Value the Price

Designer sunglasses come in various different designs to match whatever kind of outfit an individual may have. Although they are actually meant to save the eyes from the awkward sunlight, most sunglasses nowadays seemed to be made to serve as style accessories. They come in different shapes and colors of lenses and frames.

Most sunglasses today that truly catch people’s focus are designer sunglasses. They are those that are made by a famous fashion designer. They come in extremely stylish designs and are also quite costly. Sometimes, because most people use them as part of their fashion dressing, the true objective of sunglasses seemed to have been ignored. Why then do designer sunglasses cost very high when they just best for styling our outfit? Are they truly value the price we are paying?

Top selling designer sunglasses

Although designer sunglasses are meant to include style to our fashion get up, they are not all that. They are also used to save the eyes from sunlight. They serve both as a defensive eyewear and as style accessories. Let us have a look at some of the best selling designer sunglasses that we have in the market today and view if they value the price we are paying.

The Architect 2950 is one of the most famous sunglass in the market today. It is made of top standard real titanium with the gray metallic finish. Its lenses are in dark gray shade which is best for blocking the bad brightness of sunlight. It also has polycarbonate Polarized sunglasses with UV 400 protection. With these specifications plus its extremely stylish look, this eyewear is actually valued the price for serving both as a style accessory and a defensive eyewear.

Another one of those best-selling designer sunglasses is the 325 Cruiser Cable which is in a restricted edition of 500. It has UV 400 defensive feature as well. It is produced of titanium with 18K gold-plated accents. The lenses are darkened with Amber shade to save the eyes from bright sunlight.

Handmade designer sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are actually valued the price they are paying not just because they are capable of providing our eyes protection and they are capable of improving our sense of fashion but also because they are extremely durable. These kinds of sunglasses last a lot longer that we may be expecting they could initially because most of them are handmade. To even promise that they are durable, sellers of these eyeglasses sell them along with a guarantee.