7 Misconceptions About Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that eliminates frizz from your hair. You get it from a Brazilian blowout salon or at home using the right products. Below are the most common misconceptions about Brazilian blowouts that you should be aware of.

Misconception #1: Brazilian blowout is only for straightening hair

Brazilian blowout is commonly used for straightening hair. This has led people to believe that it is only for hair straightening, but that’s not true. Brazilian blowouts can be tweaked to suit your needs.

If you want straight hair, you can get it from this treatment. However, if you like your curls and don’t to diminish them completely, you can let your stylist know the look you want. Brazilian blowout makes your hair smooth and shiny so your curly hair will look much better after the treatment. There will be less dryness and puffiness that is associated with curly hair. So, you can get curly or waving hair without the disadvantages associated with them.

Misconception #2: Brazilian blowout requires you to spend hours in the salon

The time you will need to spend in the salon for getting the treatment depends on the amount and length of your hair. Generally, a Brazilian blowout treatment takes one and a half hours. But if you have thicker or longer hair, the time required for the treatment will increase.

Misconception #3: You don’t need to blow dry your hair anymore after the treatment

People who get a Brazilian blowout think that they can air dry their hair and the hair will look gorgeous anyway. This is not true because you will need to blow dry your hair when it’s damp. But you will be glad to learn that the treatment does reduce the time you need to blow dry hair by half.

This is because Brazilin blowout and keratin treatments fill the hair with amino acids and reduce the porosity of your hair. You will absorb less water so you will be done with blow drying quickly.

Misconception #4 The results of Brazilian blowout keep declining as you keep getting the treatment

Some people see a decline in the results of their Brazilian blowout when they do it regularly. Brazilian blowout and keratin treatments strengthen the hair with protein for smoothness and less porosity. After getting the treatment regularly, the amount of protein can become excessive. Due to this, the hair may feel coarse and rough even after the treatment.

To avoid this problem, you should get hydration treatments for rebalancing the moisture and protein levels of your hair.

Misconception #5: All Brazilian blowout treatments are the same

The primary function of all Brazilian blowouts is the same they provide straight and smooth hair. But the effectiveness and benefits different brand to brand. Moreover, there may be a difference in some or many ingredients too.

Many people want to avoid formaldehyde because it’s harmful to health. So, you can select the brand and type of Brazilian blowout that doesn’t include formaldehyde and other similar chemicals.

Misconception #6: You don’t need other hair treatments after getting a Brazilian blowout

After having your hair smoothened or straightened with Brazilian blowout treatment, your hair will look amazing. This makes people believe that they don’t need any other treatment because the hair is already looking nice.

Hair treatments are of many types and each treatment has its own purpose. You will get smooth and straight hair with Brazilian blowout, but if your hair is dry, you may still need to continue your moisturizing treatments.

Misconception #7: Brazilian blowout is only for thick, curly hair

Brazilian blowout is used for straightening thick, curly hair, but the treatment has other purposes as well. If you have thin hair, it can smoothen them and add a bit of volume to it. So, you should communicate the purpose of the treatment with your stylist to get the desired results whether it’s straightening, smoothening, or more volume.


Brazilian blowout can make your daily hair care easier with smooth and silky hair. If you’re considering the treatment for the first time, go to a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville and use a milder Brazilian blowout. This will help you get a taste of the treatment with any adverse effects.

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