What Happens If You Put Yogurt In Your Hair

For healthy hair, there might be things in your refrigerator and pantry that you can use and safely apply to your hair. Yogurt is one of them that has anti-frizz qualities and many hair straightening salons recommend it for natural hair smoothening. Here are some amazing ways to apply yogurt to your hair.

It Makes Your Hair Strong

Yogurt consists of a lot of proteins and amino acids. Your hair craves protein and it needs protein for healthy growth, thickness, and shine. Yogurt will help to strengthen your hair and you will see how less you experience hair fall once you make a habit of applying yogurt to your hair. It makes the root of the hair strong and it helps with breakage.

It Softens Your Hair

Yogurt has a lot of soft acids in it like lactic acid. This helps to break down the frizziness in your hair and it makes it soft and smooth. You will see that the frizziness in your hair is almost non-existent once you start to regularly use yogurt on your hair. Frizzy hair is just very hard and unruly hair that needs to be softened and broken down in order to settle, so using yogurt will do just that. You don’t need to mix anything with the yogurt either, just use it as it is for eliminating frizz from your hair.

It Helps To Clean Your Scalp

A clean and healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth. Yogurt is very helpful and amazing for cleaning and shaving off the dead skin from your scalp. You will see that your scalp is cleaner and you won’t see dandruff either. This is because yogurt, or mainly the acid in the yogurt, helps to break down the dead skin on your scalp and it also nourishes the scalp from the inside. You will see a difference with just one application. Try it out and see for yourself.

It Helps In Hair Growth

Once you have a healthy foundation for your hair to grow on, it will definitely help you with hair growth. The hair will grow thicker and it will be more shiny and healthy in appearance. You can use a yogurt and oil mask once or twice a week on your hair and you will see that your hair will fall less, your hair will grow thicker, and if you have any bald spots showing near your temples, then it will be filled with hair in no time. Just give the mask some time and use it regularly for best results.

How To Apply Yogurt To Your Hair?

If you are confused as to how to apply yogurt to your hair, then these tips will help you.

Mix It With Something

You can mix the yogurt with anything which you normally apply to your hair. Here are a couple of things you can do.

Yogurt and Olive Oil or Argan Oil

Add some olive oil or argan oil along with the yogurt in a bowl and beat it together nicely. You don’t want any lumps in the yogurt or else it will be difficult to remove from your hair.

Yogurt and Tea Tree Oil

You can add tea tree oil to the yogurt and apply it to your hair. This treatment will clean the scalp and you will be left with dandruff-free hair. Tea tree oil is amazing for eliminating dandruff from your scalp. Just be careful not to get in in your eye or nose.

Yogurt and Eggs

You can add an egg to the yogurt and mix it together for the ultimate natural protein treatment. The egg will make your hair super smooth and soft and the yogurt will clean your scalp and aid in hair growth.

Only Yogurt

You can apply yogurt on its own as well. You just need to beat it until the yogurt is smooth and has no lumps.


There you have it! Yogurt is nature’s hair conditioner, anti-frizz treatment and so much more. You can use it as it is, or you can make a mask for your hair. You will end up loving the results. But if you want permanent or semi-permanent hair straightening, head towards a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac.

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