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How To Fix Mini-Split AC Problems

Mini-split AC systems are designed to keep rooms both cool and warm depending on the weather outside. Back in the day, these systems only helped cool down the rooms but today, inverter technology has enabled them to warm up the rooms as well. However, much like other household appliances and electronics, the mini-split ACs can also sometimes experience problems and you may need AC repair services for fixes. Here are a few common problems that you should be aware of.

Mini-Split Is Dripping Water Or Not Draining Water

One of the most common problems amongst ductless mini-split systems is that they either drip a lot or no water at all. If you observe such an issue, it means the condensate drain or drain line may be causing the issue. If the drain line happens to be clogged, you should not be too concerned about it. The reason is that dust and dirt accumulation prevent the passage of water.

To solve the issue, you will need to check the drain line and see if it’s cleared. If it is not, you will need some tools and a cleaning agent to remove the blockage. To remove or access the drain line, access the user’s manual or hire someone to do it for you.

In addition to that, if you observe that your mini-split is dripping water inside the room, it most probably means that the system is not installed in the right position. If the unit is tilted to one side, it could cause the water to drip inside. Therefore, it is important that the unit be installed the right way.

Mini-Split Is Making Noise

Generally, mini-split air conditioners do not make much noise while they are functioning but you should be concerned if they make clicking, popping, or swooshing noises. If you hear a popping or clicking sound, it might be that the plastic housing is expanding or contracting while the unit is running.

However, if you hear swooshing or gurgling noises, it means that the unit is running defrost mode to prevent it from freezing itself. With that said, you should not be too worried upon hearing these noises as they are usual.

On the other hand, if you observe whining or squeaking sounds while the unit is running, you should immediately turn it off. There could be several reasons for that and you will need an expert’s help in this matter.

Mini-Split Smells

If you notice that your ductless mini-split smells bad and is making it uncomfortable for you to stay inside your room, you should shut it down and try determining the issue. Sometimes, it could simply be due to a bad air filter that needs replacement. In other cases, rodents and other living beings can crawl through small holes and make it their living space.

Apart from the smell, these animals could damage expensive components and pipes, etc. This is why it is important that you regularly inspect the unit for any intruders. If the air filter happens to be the problem, make sure that you replace it with the manufacturer’s recommended product.

Mini-Split Is Not Cooling

If you observe that your mini-split air conditioner is neither cooling nor blowing cold air, it might point to a refrigerant leak. If the refrigerant happens to be leaking, the compressor will run longer and harder to make up for the loss. As a result, it will overburden itself and eventually give up, leading to an expensive replacement.

Furthermore, your mini-split system not cooling enough could also be due to a dirty or clogged air filter. Plus, you should check the fans as well since dirt and dust accumulation can impede their performance.

Keep in mind that mini-split systems require regular maintenance. It also includes full inspections that are carried out by experts. In addition to fixing the issue, annual inspections and maintenance prevent expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

Final Word

The above-mentioned problems are common amongst mini-split systems. While some are easy to diagnose, others are relatively complicated that will need a technician from air conditioning companies McLean to fix them. However, make sure that your mini-split air conditioners are regularly maintained to avoid most of the problems otherwise.

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